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A One - Ana Closer Z NO.2

A One - Ana Closer Z NO.2
Ana Closer Z No. 2 with a large head gives a constant pressure stimulus.Furthermore, by combining tightening and strong vibration, we will lead you to a feeling you have never experienced before.Product size: 130 mm × 40 mm × 160 mmPackage size 17.7 x 14.6 x 4.7 cmContents: Anal vibrator × 1 piece; AAA batteries × 1 (for operation check)
Part number 4582236098977
Diameter, cm 4
Length, cm 16
Color Black
Brand A-One
Country Japan
Vibration yes
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  • Brand: A-One
  • Model: 6931-56
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • SKU: 11969
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