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A One - Grand Striker Vibration Masturbator

A One - Grand Striker Vibration Masturbator
It is an onerhole that can be "tip-tipped" by suction & vibration. When turning on the power switch, suction inside the cylinder begins, at the same time the vibrating unit inside the cylinder vibrates and accuses the tip. When suction is too strong, you can release the pressure sucked with the air release button. The built-in vibration unit is a silicon unit with cushioning warts. You feel gentle and sweet, but you can feel it even by pressing it down. You can enjoy your favorite feel. Please come and experience the endless vacuum that keeps sucking all the time. If you use it after applying lotion at the time of insertion, it becomes easy to prevent air leakage. The air packing is removable and can be washed. Use AA batteries × 2 (supplied)Box size: W112 × H270 × D95 mmExterior weight: 396 g
Part number 4582272672582
Color Black
Brand A-One
Country Japan
Novelty 2017-11-19
Barcode toy-7902105
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  • Model: 6932-56
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