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Bodywand - Recharge Pulse Massager- Black

Bodywand - Recharge Pulse Massager- Black
Soft-touch. Engineered for strong and continuous stimulation. Designed with subdued sound levels. Simple one finger control. No running out of batteries for unlimited enjoyment.
Part number BW109
Length, cm 27
Color Black
Brand Bodywand
Country USA
Novelty 2016-06-17
Barcode BW109
Orders count 30
Wishlist count 2
Sort orders count 2
Price with discount 998
Offline orders count 11
Vibration yes
Min price 998
Discount 0
Total purchase price 231.75
Retail markup percent 4.31
  • Stock: 99
  • Brand: Bodywand
  • Model: 4612-56
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • SKU: 9252
Products Sold: 0
Product Views: 42
Ex Tax: 1,000.00HK$
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