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Fun Factory - Amor - Black

Fun Factory - Amor - Black
AMOR has a length of 14.6 cm and diameter of 3.7 cm, making it the smallest dildo from FUN FACTORY. The simple color coordinates with a sleek design and the naturalistic shape of the tip, which targets the g-spot or p-spot, makes it the perfect toy. AMOR – just like its name suggests – spreads love and ecstasy. It is also versatile – with a little water-based lubricant (TOYFLUID), it may be used vaginally or anally. AMOR adheres to smooth surfaces and can be placed in a harness. Made of 100% medical-grade silicone in Germany the AMOR promises fireworks solo or with a partner – and all without a motor.

For vaginal and anal use
At 14.6 cm the DILDO from FUN FACTORY is ideal for beginners
The curved end always has an eye on the g-spot or prostate.
The wide base pleasures the surrounding erogenous zones and makes AMOR 100% safe for anal use
Silky smooth surface, firm, yet pleasantly flexible silicone shaft
Suction base that allows the AMOR to adhere to smooth surfaces and walls
Suitable for use with a harness
100% medical-grade silicone, harmless to the body and odorless
Easy to clean with TOYCLEANER or water and mild soap
Size: 14.6 cm, Ø 3.7 cm

Fun Factory - Amor

At the very latest, since the invention of Amor in ancient times, we know there is a huge difference between length and size. So the powerful yet compact deity of love is a fitting name for the AMOR by FUN FACTORY. A semi-realistic dildo which owes its versatility and huge popularity to its relatively small measurements. 14.6 cm long (for a dildo on the small side) and 3.7 cm diameter, the AMOR could - in comparison to the shape and build to its bigger brother MAGNUM - almost appear unimposing. But this impression is fleeting and after the first touch replaced by the sensation of unbelievably intense stimulations.

The AMOR does it in so many different ways: vaginally for beginners and women who like a lighter touch, or anally for those who love to pleasure either him or her and who like longer-lasting pleasure rather than a longer dildo. The tactile qualities of this mid-sized toy are simply great. The silky pleasurable surface made of 100% silicone stimulates in bed, in the bathtub and also in a harness. AMOR can also be used freehand by simply sticking it onto a smooth surface. It pleasures like a good lover, stays hard as long as you want it to, but then disappears without any complications.
Part number 4032498225081
Diameter, cm 3.7
Length, cm 14.6
Color Black
Material Silicone
Brand Fun Factory
Country Germany
Novelty 2017-12-20
Barcode 4032498225081
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Price with discount 398
Offline orders count 1
Benefit length 12
Warranty 24
Min price 398
Discount 0
Total purchase price 138.47
Retail markup percent 2.87
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  • Brand: Fun Factory
  • Model: 7087-56
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