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(GIFT) Fun Factory - Toybag

(GIFT) Fun Factory - Toybag
For FUN FACTORYS’s 20th anniversary, we asked award-winning designer Karim Rashid to imagine a pattern inspired by our toys’ bold colors and fanciful shapes. Now, you can take that playful design with you wherever you go.Tyvek® by DuPont™Durable & water-resistantMachine washable at 30°26 cm x 14 cmThe stylish, special edition TOYBAG gives you a chance to own a piece of Karim Rashid artwork and show it off every day. Simple, sturdy, and appealing, the antimicrobial Tyvek® bag is ideal for discreet toy storage - and much more! Its water-resistant design makes it an excellent makeup bag or beach clutch, for all your summer adventures. Fans of FUN FACTORY’s silicone toys will love that Tyvek® is lint-free, ensuring that your toys will be ready to play when you are.
Part number (GFT)4032498601076
Brand Fun Factory
Country Germany
Novelty 2017-12-28
Barcode (GFT)4032498601076
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  • Brand: Fun Factory
  • Model: 7351-56
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