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Huge Anal Plugs

Model: 1450-56
A great toy for novices ready to take the next step as well as experienced, this Silicone Stopper 6 Butt Plug is a safe and easy way to plug and expand your backdoor hole. The Silicone Stopper 6 comes with a wide and flexible head designed with superb and durable silicone material that is curved and..
$402.00 Ex Tax:$402.00
Model: 1451-56
MOLD advanced silicone butt plug size BOSS series for beginners and experienced that can use this toy with confidence for anal play.The best feature of this butt plug is its amazingly smooth surface. Mode-design signature silky-finish process makes the surface nearly frictionless and incredibly velv..
$562.00 Ex Tax:$562.00
Model: 1452-56
Silicone Stopper 8 is a simple yet highly effective way to enlarge and expand your back passage. The slender tip allows for easy insertion, while its smooth and safe silicone body allows it to glide effortlessly into your or your partner's back door. While fun enough for simple anal play, anyone loo..
$582.00 Ex Tax:$582.00
Model: 1453-56
Silicone Stopper 9 from BOSS series owns impressive plug features two egg-shaped heads that ensure easy insertion.Its smooth, bulbous body is shaped to fill advanced anal play fans with bountiful pleasure.The best feature of this butt plug is its amazingly smooth surface. Mode-design signature silky..
$562.00 Ex Tax:$562.00
Model: 3735-56
MOLD advanced silicone butt plug size BOSS series debut as regalia from beginners can use with confidence, hobby dimension to the depth of the developer's backyard in there.It has layers of approximation can not breathe pleasure. Beautiful curves and feel comfortable silicone plays a more advanced c..
$430.00 Ex Tax:$430.00
Model: 1537-56
Take anal play to the extreme with the Silicone Stopper 10. The plug is the perfect size for someone looking for a maximal experience in anal play and the width to fill you up. It is got a perfectly tapered tip to slip right inside of you with a handle for easy retrieval. Body size: Maximum diameter..
$482.00 Ex Tax:$482.00
Model: 9032-56
Everyone loves a good stretch. With the COLT Expander Plug offers a new sensation in stretching and anal ecstasy. The COLT Expander Plug features an exciting flared design for a tight anal fit that can be comfortably worn for as long as you please. Easy to insert and remove, this pliable and durable..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Model: 9055-56
Make your fisting fantasy a reality! The 14" Fist from Doc Johnson is a replica of a man's arm with a tapered clenched fist and full length forearm. The flexible Fist is suitable for both anal and vaginal play. It is made of PVC from non-phthalate body-safe material. Firm Yet FlexiblePerfect For Exp..
$480.00 Ex Tax:$480.00
Model: 3794-56
When you think innovation, you think Doc Johnson. When you think rubber, you think Doc Johnson. When you think Made in USA, you think Doc Johnson. When it comes to adult toys, you think Doc Johnson. The company that has paved the way with their original rubber, continues with Sil-A-Gel and UR3 -- th..
$480.00 Ex Tax:$480.00
Model: 9056-56
Play with the hand you're dealt! The 16" Hand from Doc Johnson is a replica of a man's hand with duck-bill closed fingers and a full-length forearm. The flexible Hand is suitable for anal and vaginal adventures. It is made from phthalate-free body-safe material.Firm Yet FlexiblePerfect For Experienc..
$440.00 Ex Tax:$440.00
Model: 3789-56
The Intimidator, 11" of unrelenting sexual satisfaction from the TitanMen collection, has a ribbed shaft to stimulate anal muscles and nerves. Made of PVC with Doc Johnson's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula, this item is body-safe and non-phthalate. Proudly made in America. Black.• Vac-U-Lock™ Compat..
$480.00 Ex Tax:$480.00
Model: 616-56
A luxury line for men, all men. Focusing on comfort and ease-of-use, LUX is a product designed for pleasurable prostate stimulation made for the man who thinks that he has experienced it all and wants more. Non vibrating for manual stimulation.Details: ABS. Phthalate & Latex Free.Dimensions: 15cm x ..
$351.00 Ex Tax:$351.00
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