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Ankle Cuffs

Brand: LifeStyles Model: TOY-9909167
Easy, exciting. Ideal for cosplay! Moderate weight and texture! It is a type to make an ankle. It is a foot lock that uses thugs with handcuffs.Long chain type..
$199.00 Ex Tax:$199.00
Brand: Bijoux Indiscrets Model: E27623
Ankle and knee cuffs. Detachable chain. Join the two cuffs with the chain to place around your ankles or knees. Combine with a skirt or shorts.100% adjustable100% veganMaterial: polyurethane..
$398.00 Ex Tax:$398.00
Brand: Iobanana Model: 848416001033
Make this holiday season one you remember. Celebrate your favorite time of the year with the 6 Pc Holiday Bed Spreader Gift Set. This gift set comes complete with a Mini Bodywand, Holiday Tickler, Santa Hat, Untie Me Thong, Bed Spreader Restraints, and a Naughty Satin Eye Mask so you can tie your l..
$798.00 Ex Tax:$798.00
Brand: Iobanana Model: BW134
First tuck the bedspreader tether under the bed and position the cuffs close to each corner of the bed. Seduce your lover into putting on the satin blindfold mask. Lay your partner on the bed and affix each velcro cuff to the wrists and ankles to achieve the perfect restraining position. Gently mass..
$718.00 Ex Tax:$718.00
Brand: Chisa Model: CN-632111442
Fasten Your Lover, Fully Adjustable to fit, Easy-to-use Metal Hook.Material:PUProduct Size:35.5*6.3cmProduct Weight:0.133kgPackage Size:10*7*20cmPackaged Weight:0.164kg..
$148.00 Ex Tax:$148.00
Brand: Chisa Model: 14079-56
Fasten Your Lover, Fully Adjustable to Fit, Easy-to-use Metal Hook.Material:PUProduct Size:36cm . Φ6.2cmProduct Weight:0.165kgPackage Size:20.5*11*7cm..
$183.00 Ex Tax:$183.00
Brand: Paris Style Model: CN-632196375
Fasten Your Lover, Fully Adjustable to Fit, Easy-to-use Metal Hook.Material:PUProduct Size:39.6cm . Φ6.4cmProduct Weight:0.195kgPackage Size:20.5*11*7cmPackaged Weight:0.234kg..
$178.00 Ex Tax:$178.00
Brand: Chisa Model: 14077-56
Fasten Your Lover, Fully Adjustable to Fit, Easy-to-use Metal Hook.Material:PUProduct Size:35.5cm . Φ6.4cmProduct Weight:0.195kgPackage Size:20.5*11*7cm..
$203.00 Ex Tax:$203.00
Brand: Liebe Seele Model: AC-80040BR
A standard restraint that securely binds both ankles and does not give the chance for your partner to slip out. Please yourself or your partner with this extremely soft goatskin.Fully adjustable with durable metal buckles accompanying with a 30.5cm chain. Let your imaginations fly and fit them into ..
$568.00 Ex Tax:$568.00
Brand: Liebe Seele Model: AC-80071BG
We know you would feel the weight of good quality once you got these cuffs in your hands. Linked with a quick-release clip, these cuffs can be linked to other restraints or any gears you own. Give your sub a warm, gentle and inescapable embrace, and treat him/her with almost any ways of restraining,..
$588.00 Ex Tax:$588.00
Brand: Lovetoy Model: LV1504
Classic Metal Leg cuffs for bedroom bondage or as an accessory to foreplay. Secure your lovers leg together or attach them to the bed with Lovetoy’s metal leg cuffs Give yourself the power of dominance and see how your sexy lover will respond anticipation is everything!Leg cuffs and restraints are p..
$158.00 Ex Tax:$158.00
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