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Brand: Male Edge Model: 494-56
Tenga Deep Throat Cup. The TENGA Original Vacuum CUP's hourglass shape provides a sublime tightness. Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the CUP to deliver an amazing sucking sensation. Several unique features combine to create a vivid stimulation, using advanced technology and unpreceden..
$95.00 Ex Tax:$95.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 458-56
The deliciously clinging fellatio experience, this version contains gripping materials, for those who want something “harder”. Add this effect to the one-way valve for a harder and tighter suction. It’s arousing “slurping” sound also gives the feeling that you are enjoying a real deep throat experie..
$108.00 Ex Tax:$108.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 461-56
The ultimate and delicious deep throat experience, with softer materials for those who wants more smoothness. Its arousing “slurping” sound gives you the feeling that you are enjoying a real deep throat experience. ..
$108.00 Ex Tax:$108.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 495-56
Double the fun with TENGA's revolutionary Double Hole masturbator! The 2 holes have different cushions within for your pleasure - one super tight and one gently clinging. Each will give you different sensations and lead you to wholly different climaxes! Each passage has a number of different nubs w..
$115.00 Ex Tax:$115.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 8418-56
Stimulating Edges of Pleasure!The boxy shapes surrounding the inside of this EGG are angled two ways, to bring pleasure from two directions.The opposing angles create different sensations when stroking up and down!Size: 49×49×61mm / (D)×(W)×(H)Packaged Size: 53×53×70mm / (D)×(W)×(H)Packaged Weight: ..
$69.00 Ex Tax:$69.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 8419-56
Long Strokers Brush and Excite!This EGG is packed to the brim with long, twisted strokers that brush along with every movement.With the spiraling ribs at the base, each stroker twists as you pass through for enveloping pleasure.Size: 49×49×61mm / (D)×(W)×(H)Packaged Size: 53×53×70mm / (D)×(W)×(H)Pac..
$69.00 Ex Tax:$69.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 1458-56
The thickest of the TENGA EGG Series creates a cloud formation to drive you wild. With a rebounding sensation from its cloud-like walls, lose yourself in it's cushiony softness. ..
$69.00 Ex Tax:$69.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 508-56
The rumbling sensations of these crown-like details collide against your shaft for a tremulous exhilaration. The indented surfaces of the cratered nubs offer adherence from all angles, and their concave shape provides an optimal surface to entangle lubrication. ..
$69.00 Ex Tax:$69.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 8255-56
It is so our nature, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be guilty of. Healthy fun of sex would enrich your life. All people should be able to enjoy more naturally and safely. More fun and happiness could be brought to the world with this product.A special egg that adopted illustration of Keith Har..
$78.00 Ex Tax:$78.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 4823-56
This smooth, palm-sized EGG of lubricant is a versatile lubricant available for any situation. While you can use this EGG for extra lubrication on the EGG, FLIP or TENGA 3D products, it also suits any situation that calls for lubricant; whether solo or for coupled play! No added colours or odours fo..
$68.00 Ex Tax:$68.00
Brand: Male Edge Model: 465-56
The microscopic nubs that adorn its entire inner surface create a veil of sensations that flutter along your shaft in a cloud of comfort. Lose yourself in this mist of steamy sensations as it takes you gently to a gradually building stimulating finish! ..
$69.00 Ex Tax:$69.00
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