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Model: 7680-56
The Ayaka Tomoda's Bust 3D-scanned Porn Star Clone Breasts are as awesome as they sound: a pair of almost life-sized breasts 3D-scanned from the actual chest of the top AV actress. Enjoy breast f*cking action by rubbing yourself between her cups or just spend time looking at and stroking the brillia..
$1,790.00 Ex Tax:$1,790.00
Model: 7681-56
Ayaka Tomoda is here to give you a hand: her hand, in fact. And what an experienced hand it is. With the Ayaka Tomoda Handjob 3D-scanned Hand you can enjoy a handjob from the porn princess. This toy is a clone of Ayaka Tomoda's actual hand. Her cute fist will hold your member tight and snug as you s..
$350.00 Ex Tax:$350.00
Model: 7690-56
With the 3D-scanned Kizuna Sakura Clone Blow Job Mouth you can get as close to the experience of a blow job from the Japanese porn star as possible. The sex toy designers at KMP carefully scanned Kizuna Sakura's mouth while she was on a break between shooting porn films. They then transformed this i..
$350.00 Ex Tax:$350.00
Model: 7691-56
Enjoy the gorgeous chest of one of Japan's top AV stars with Kizuna Sakura's Bust 3D-scanned Porn Star Clone Breasts. Expertly replicated and recreated in loving detailed with the skill of Japanese monozukuri, you will love having Kizuna Sakura's breasts and perfect nipples always at your fingertips..
$1,790.00 Ex Tax:$1,790.00
Model: 7692-56
Get the handjob of your dreams with the Kurea Hasumi Handjob 3D-scanned Porn Star Hand, which "clones" the actual hand of the gorgeous Japanese adult video star. This brilliantly rendered hand toy is detailed, flexible and a joy to use. Let Kurea Hasumi hold, stroke and grip you wherever you want on..
$350.00 Ex Tax:$350.00
Model: 6523-56
Vacuum blowjob determined elegantly with deep strokeYou can enjoy sucking licks with strong suction!Get the blow job of your dreams with this deep throat toy that is cloned from the actual mouth of a Japanese porn star. The Rika Hoshimi Blow Job 3D-scanned Mouth offers a powerful vacuum sensation th..
$350.00 Ex Tax:$350.00
Model: 7679-56
Technological prowess and porn: could you get a more Japanese combination? But when it means results like this, no one will ever complain. Get your hands and anything else you fancy around these Rika Hoshimi's Bust 3D-scanned Porn Star Clone Breasts, which are a replica of the actual chest of the to..
$1,790.00 Ex Tax:$1,790.00
Model: 5736-56
It is an item for beginners. Easy touch with silicone material. Because it is thin, you can use it without difficulty.Product size: 75 × 28 × 100 mmContents: 45 g..
$212.00 Ex Tax:$212.00
Model: 5740-56
It is an item for beginners. Easy touch with silicone material. Look for the size that suits you...
$212.00 Ex Tax:$212.00
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