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Magic Eyes

Brand: Shibari Model: 1669-56
True successor to the emergence of Gu-cho wet Rare! ! It adopted a two-layer winding structure that has evolved several stages from the previous work, the high stimulus ultra dimensionless structure was realized folds widening 300% to (our ratio)! !..
$528.00 Ex Tax:$528.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 6399-56
Tightening the ring and vibration of the anal rotor make you feel unexpected.From that "anal anchor" an electric motor with a ring appears.Type B is a smooth Barrett type anal rotor, which is intensely stimulated.In addition to the Anal Rotor, a rotor is also attached to the ring part.Vibration of t..
$218.00 Ex Tax:$218.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 6398-56
Tightening the ring and vibration of the anal rotor make you feel unexpected.From that "anal anchor" an electric motor with a ring appears.Type G is "grenade type extra-large anal rotor" with a maximum diameter of 38 mm.This overwhelming presence will surely satisfy even anal analysts and more.Two m..
$189.00 Ex Tax:$189.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 6510-56
Triple structure that enjoys three times the chicken!I'm going to nether with my kitchen & baby!Since it is a non-penetrating type, the wall thickness of the three layers at the deepest part is more intensely intertwined by vacuumingYou can taste the feeling that you can express to the real."Outer L..
$238.00 Ex Tax:$238.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 6512-56
A dazzling and durable 660 g thick body realized with extreme molding! It is!Naked shirt is more erotic than naked! To the body which was prototyped to the concept and to be enjoyed by a wide range of peopleLength 150 mm dimensionless structure with huge protrusions! Since Magiceyes Skin conforming ..
$498.00 Ex Tax:$498.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 3159-56
Monster Hole series has added another product to their dual-layer mastubator, the Monster Kakusei. It is the fifth masturbator in the Monster Hole series. This time they have made the item even more "Monsterific". The outside appearance looks more interesting with veins, bumps, and wrinkles, while t..
$328.00 Ex Tax:$328.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 1476-56
Horny Gimmick from Magic Eyes, the creator of the popular Sujiman onaholes, introduces a fairly new concept. Besides the modern double layer structure this masturbator features 3 moulded penis rings that make your masturbation even tighter. In combination with the tight and fleshy inner structure yo..
$420.00 Ex Tax:$420.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 6515-56
Kabejiri Super Realistic OnaholeRighto, here's something quite special ... a realistic torso with a sweet vagina and a tight asshole ready for fucking.Bent over and ready for action, you can use it from the front or the back.Inside it's super realistic with grooves and bumps destined to bring you to..
$598.00 Ex Tax:$598.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 1474-56
Tomoko and braze equipped with a chastity film to be proud series appeared! !Tomoko braze become more fully franked basis in the appearance of Moriman specification plenty of thick body of 450g adopts the love love Motchi material, reproduce the vaginal wall undeveloped in Elastic mucosal layer!The ..
$360.00 Ex Tax:$360.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 3155-56
of the girls, it is a gem of Magic Eyes whole body with combined modeling and biological texture inner wall of Gu-cho wet Rare nest proud Kupaa!..
$368.00 Ex Tax:$368.00
Brand: Shibari Model: 1121-56
Ona-sheet is a versatile “masturbation sheet”. These sheets are textured for different types of stimulation and their sheet shape allowing for a multitude of use. The most obvious use is straight-up hand masturbation. Use the ona-sheet over your hand and it’ll feel better than your fingers. It will ..
$98.00 Ex Tax:$98.00
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