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Brand: Mister B Model: 6872-56
King comes together with popular Japanese studios to bring you pocket pussies inspired by the sexiest stars. This one is for fans of Kaori Maeda. The entrance resembles her gorgeous lips, and you'll love the twisted ridges of the interior. It's soft, gentle and heavenly. The pocket size makes it eas..
$270.00 Ex Tax:$270.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 500-56
This super soft, skin-colored masturbator is based on the pussy of Japanese AV star Kimino Ayumi. The curving hole will meander your private to a pleasure you never dreamed of before. A large bottle of Pepe lotion is included to make the experience as wet and fun as possible. Meanwhile, the entrance..
$222.00 Ex Tax:$222.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 1480-56
Part of a series of sex toys made in collaboration with JAV porn label King, the Kirar's Hip brings you the gorgeous butt of top Japanese adult star Kirara Asuka. The flat-bed-style masturbator offers Kirara's pert buttocks to grip and squeeze, and of course, both her holes to enjoy.Building a fixed..
$222.00 Ex Tax:$222.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 497-56
Minami's Onaho! is part of a series of JAV adult video star-inspired adult toys by porn label King. This time our model is the sweet but not innocent Minami Aida, who has lent her tight you-know-what to be replicated as this masturbator sleeve. The lips are laid out diagonally, making it easier to s..
$252.00 Ex Tax:$252.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 1481-56
Mizuki (or Mitsuki) Akai has her fans, not least because her bust is to die for. No surprises then that this Mizuki Akai Onaho pays magnificent tribute to that miraculous chest by including two beautiful breasts on the top for your fingers to enjoy simultaneously as you explore being right inside Mi..
$257.00 Ex Tax:$257.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 503-56
The Rika's Onaho! Rika Hoshimi JAV Onahole is a double-layer hole which is waved the whole way along the passage. There are no gimmicks here, just a meandering tight hole with lots of swirls to squeeze you as you slide in deeper into Rika's body. The waves on the outside of her hole also make for ea..
$222.00 Ex Tax:$222.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 6880-56
This super soft, skin-colored masturbator is based on the pussy of JAV porn star Tia. The curving hole will meander your member to a pleasure it only dreamed of before.Because the deepest part is also tightened with a tight structure, if you press the glans head there, it will turn into a pleasure z..
$270.00 Ex Tax:$270.00
Brand: Mister B Model: 502-56
Hyper OnaHole is a new masturbator series by King in a collaboration with several other companies (G Project, PEPEE, etc). This is the Onanie Impression masturbator featuring Tias Onaho...
$222.00 Ex Tax:$222.00
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