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Lux Fetish

Brand: Hot Octopuss Model: 1455-56
Enjoy the heat of the moment, the lust and the desire while being restrained with these luxury closet cuffs. They're ultra comfortable and sexy — suitable for use over any door, may it be your closet or otherwise. The Closet Cuffs are absolutely perfect for couples who just want to experience light ..
$282.00 Ex Tax:$282.00
Brand: Hot Octopuss Model: 755-56
Show your love with this fully-adjustable heart-shaped strap-on harness from Lux Fetish. This durable strap-on can accommodate any dildo with a flared base, and includes 2 rubber holder rings. Perfect for new initiates just discovering the joys of deep penetration, or for experts looking to add anot..
$322.00 Ex Tax:$322.00
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