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Fuji Latex

Brand: Simple & True Model: 955-56
It is a super-fine type condom of 003 of thinness (measurement of Fuji Latex Co., Ltd.). Developed under the concept in the challenge to thinness of zero and the feeling of zero in use. Please feel the result of the challenge to zero by yourself.36mm diameter113mm circumference56.5mm width Soft pink..
$98.00 Ex Tax:$98.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 667-56
This product will glow in a dark place if light is hit beforehand. Glow - self-luminescence, plus Fluorescence - Peculiar light will be emitted when it receives light from outside.36mm diameter113mm circumference56.5mm width Distinguished fittingFlare type slipping off preventionLubricatedFluorescen..
$59.00 Ex Tax:$59.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 3539-56
The super large size made of latex use high quality Japanese. Unlike ordinary Japanese manufacturer of condoms, this product is mainly for the export market.38mm diameter119.5mm circumference60mm width Liberation typePink and green colorSlipping off prevention processedLubricated..
$128.00 Ex Tax:$128.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 913-56
We know that condoms are the size of the points of it? This trumpet give you a more personal feel safer.Contents: 12 piecesFit perfectly, do not worry to fall out!Tight fitting feeling, tight and securePrevention of dropout of almighty typeStable effect with wrinklingWith plenty of jellyRubber odor ..
$138.00 Ex Tax:$138.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 6405-56
"Michiko London Koshino Street 12 pieces (Condom)" was blended with 400 mg of pleasant moisture jelly and cut the smell of anxious mind. Flare type easy to install. Management medical equipment.Color: GreenMaterial: Natural rubber latex..
$79.00 Ex Tax:$79.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 907-56
Water-soluble lubricants are manufactured by manufacturing patents obtained Carrageenan. This material extracted from red algae in, to give you a better feeling...
$78.00 Ex Tax:$78.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 3187-56
Adoption of polyisoprene and neoprene rubber. Are represented with material also known as IR.Natural touch that you forget that you are wearing it.SKYN's unique SENSOPRENE technology achieves easy-to-fit softness. SKYN's unique formula makes it hard to break even if it is soft.Natural colorWith jell..
$138.00 Ex Tax:$138.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 964-56
Adoption of polyisoprene and neoprene rubber. Are represented with material also known as IRWith its own isoprene rubber (iR) technology, it looks like a bare skin,It realizes a soft natural tactile sensation.Natural touch that you forget that you are wearing it.SKYN's unique SENSOPRENE technology a..
$75.00 Ex Tax:$75.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 3186-56
This is a crossover condom by The Best magazine and Fuji Latex.The Best Premium Condoms Dot & Ring are made of natural material, with approx 494 nubs, approx 14 3D ribs and water based lubricated...
$89.00 Ex Tax:$89.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 6757-56
Highly safe product using low protein material and water-soluble jelly!Fluffy water jelly of carrageenan mixture!The natural ingredient carrageenan extracted from the seaweed was blended into the water-soluble jelly which can be quickly rinsed off with water.Rubber odor cutting process, highly funct..
$110.00 Ex Tax:$110.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 3192-56
This ultra super large condom is made of high quality Japan latex. Unlike other Japanese condoms, this model is made mainly for the export market.42/36mm diameter132/112mm circumference66/56mm width 180mm longSoft white colorLongest and largest bulb type condom in JapanLubricated..
$140.00 Ex Tax:$140.00
Brand: Simple & True Model: 6741-56
Prevention of dropout of almighty typeStable effect with mini-wrinkle and double chain machiningWith jellyMaterial: Natural rubber latexColor: GreenSize (approx): 138 x 26 x 75 mmQuantity: 12 pieces..
$110.00 Ex Tax:$110.00
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