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Model: 5185-56
Hailing from a gorgeous line of hand-blown glass offerings, each created individually and designed thoughtfully, the petite 3.5" Butt Plug presents a perfect opportunity for beginner anal players to experience the unique pleasures of backdoor penetration alongside the incomparable sensation of glass..
$197.00 Ex Tax:$197.00
Model: 7599-56
Whether you’re experienced with anal play or just a newbie, the Glas 4” Butt Plug features graduated bulbs to allow you to work your way up to bigger toys or experience the different sensations that different sizes offer. The tapered tip allows for easy insertion. All Gläs styles are compatible with..
$260.00 Ex Tax:$260.00
Model: 7597-56
Experience the satisfaction of a realistic penis head combined with the one-of-a-kind sensations that only glass can deliver. This artistically crafted dildo allows for deep, pleasurable penetration and stimulation. Offering 7 delectable inches, this smooth glass beauty features a satisfying girth t..
$280.00 Ex Tax:$280.00
Model: 7598-56
Get the most out of every thrust with this 7” Straight Glass Dildo from the Glas collection. Featuring seven inches of smooth, translucent glass, the 7” Straight Glass Dildo features a satisfying girth and intense length that is sturdy and perfect for an incredible pounding. This dildo’s smoothness ..
$280.00 Ex Tax:$280.00
Model: 7601-56
The Amethyst Rain Butt Plug is a beautiful butt plug that is both a durable sex toy and a work of art. Designed to widen, relax and stimulate the highly sought after ""P-spot"" in men, you'll find your orgasms are reaching more intense heights than ever before. Women also can experience mind-blowing..
$260.00 Ex Tax:$260.00
Model: 4510-56
The Callisto Clear Glass Dildo features a minimal design for maximum orgasms. Spiraled ridges and thick nubs massage all your inner curves. The ridges will provide the necessary friction to send you to straight to ecstasy. The Callisto Clear Glass Dildo features a design that is perfect for finding ..
$180.00 Ex Tax:$180.00
Model: 852-56
Blissfully shaped into a fantastically precise g-spotting curve, the extremely manageable Double Bull perfectly follows Glas' precedent of luxurious, uniquely handcrafted styling, in this case, dramatically angled, deliciously weighty and delightfully double ended, making for the most supremely uner..
$192.00 Ex Tax:$192.00
Model: 2830-56
A fuller sized, crystal clear glass piece blissfully shaped into a fantastically precise g-spotting curve, the purposeful Double Trouble perfectly follows Glas' precedent of luxurious, uniquely handcrafted styling, in this case, dramatically curvy, deliciously weighty and delightfully double ended, ..
$222.00 Ex Tax:$222.00
Model: 7602-56
Being able to share toys with your sex partner can be an extremely fulfilling experience. The Double Trouble Purple Dildo is an artistically crafted, purple glass double-headed dildo that enables deep, pleasurable penetration and stimulation for everyone involved. Curved to simultaneously satisfy tw..
$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00
Model: 1485-56
Enjoy celestial pleasure with the luxurious Glas Galileo glass butt plug. Smooth curves stimulate your hidden pleasure points from within, while a long neck and flared base ensure comfortable and safe wear. Swirled handblown glass makes it an erotic gift.If you've already sampled the delights of ana..
$222.00 Ex Tax:$222.00
Model: 3886-56
An artfully iridescent dildo in decadently firm, amazingly precise glass, the double ended Honey Dripper is shaped perfectly for prostate stimulation, its dramatically enlarged bulbous tip and smoothly spherical opposite end providing full coverage contact to the male g-spot and beyond. Notably shap..
$192.00 Ex Tax:$192.00
Model: 4502-56
Take your sex play to the next level with the joy of glass! The Joystick Clear Glass Dildo is a perfect toy for beginners; the spiraled end can be used for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and when you're ready to explore, the bulbous end can be used for both G-spot stimulation and anal play. With ..
$200.00 Ex Tax:$200.00
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