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Brand: Fifi Model: 7861-56
Nexus Ace Small is the ultimate vibrating butt plug for beginners or those wanting to warm up before anal sex. Combining everything you will ever need from a butt plug the only thing you may want to upgrade is the size. Made from luxurious silicone it feels great against sensitive areas and is non-p..
$800.00 Ex Tax:$800.00
Brand: Fifi Model: 1084-56
This innovative rotating and vibrating prostate toy has been created to enable the user to reach new heights of orgasmic bliss through the power of prostate massage. The Revo 2 features a 2 speed rotating shaft to give a deep, thorough massage straight to the prostate whilst you simultaneously enjo..
$1,292.00 Ex Tax:$1,292.00
Brand: Fifi Model: 4430-56
This is the Nexus Revo, a mind-blowing prostate massager with a powerful rotating head and perineum stimulator. The battery-powered Revo features a rotating head that revolves inside the body to give a deep, thorough massage to the prostate. The prostate is located underneath the bladder and can be ..
$1,292.00 Ex Tax:$1,292.00
Brand: Fifi Model: 4509-56
Nexus Sparta is a luxury prostate massager that uses unique stroker technology in the tip of the shaft to stimulate the prostate. Choose from five stroker stimulation settings that simulate the 'come hither' motion to find the one perfect for you. Sparta is made from silky soft silicone, is waterpro..
$1,292.00 Ex Tax:$1,292.00
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