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Model: 3316-56
Double your pleasure and double the fun because two is always better than one!The Fetish Fantasy Series 6″ Double Penetrator Vibrating Hollow Strap-On provides the thrill of double penetration without having to involve another partner.This hollow dong is just what you need to ensure that performance..
$470.00 Ex Tax:$470.00
Model: 1283-56
Put your lips together, give these peckers a little blow, and see how much noise they'll make!Pack of 8Item Package Depth: 1 in. - ( 3 cm )Item Package Width: 5 in. - ( 13 cm )Item Package Height: 6.5 in. - ( 17 cm )Item Packaged Weight: 1.5 oz. ( 43 grams )Material: ABS Plastic..
$81.00 Ex Tax:$81.00
Model: 9100-56
Always wanted to try a love doll? Like any virgin to new adventures there's always a great way to get your feet wet, or in this case, get your dick wet. Let Becky show you how it's done. She's the best beginner doll for any man! She has a lot to offer; three love holes - mouth, vagina and anus, she'..
$360.00 Ex Tax:$360.00
Model: 9102-56
She ain't no Beyonce!She's a blow-up bee-yatch who's crazy in love with cock.You don't have to put a ring on this pumped-up pop diva to make her all yours though.Just add air and this bootylicious babe is your date for the night.Don't let her seductive smile and good-girl reputation fool you--her th..
$290.00 Ex Tax:$290.00
Model: 9103-56
She's Britney bitch, the pig-tailed popstar princess who's got a body that won't quit and a brain that won't start! Just ad air and this washed-up white trash whack-job will suck the chrome off a trailer hitch quicker than you can say food stamps! When she's not stuffin' her muffin with man meat, th..
$360.00 Ex Tax:$360.00
Model: 1279-56
Turn heads when you sport your new Dicky Sipper sports bottle. You'll bring a smirk to all around you. Why be ordinary? Stand out and be proud while you sip from this dick!Bottle holds 16 fl. oz. Item Package Depth: 3.25 in. - ( 8 cm )Item Package Width: 3 in. - ( 8 cm )Item Package Height: 10 in. -..
$117.00 Ex Tax:$117.00
Model: 1273-56
Clinically proven to prolong ejaculation and love making. This erecting ring will change the way you orgasm! The two of you will enjoy every extra minute and every additional stroke this ring will provide!Item Package Depth: 0.75 in. - ( 2 cm )Item Package Width: 3.5 in. - ( 9 cm )Item Package Heigh..
$77.00 Ex Tax:$77.00
Model: 3590-56
Transform your bed into a passion playground and let the games begin! These under mattress bed bindings open a world of possibilities for you and your lover. Experience the thrill of bondage and take turns role-playing”one minute youre in control, the next, youre at the mercy of your lover! The dura..
$390.00 Ex Tax:$390.00
Model: 3577-56
When wide-open isn't wide enough, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag will get the job done! This extreme gag consists of a steel ring with four curved metal "legs" attached to the ring. The gag and legs prevent the mouth from closing, leaving your subject's mouth wide open for whatever you wish t..
$230.00 Ex Tax:$230.00
Model: 3314-56
Explore each other's naughty side with this all-in-one Pink Passion Bondage Kit. Perfect for couples looking to try something fun and different, this beginner's set is made from high-quality and strong nylon. The kit includes a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, four nylon tethers, durable nylon ball ga..
$390.00 Ex Tax:$390.00
Model: 3330-56
Give your sex life a "charge" with this incredible beginner's electro-sex kit. This electric stimulation Shock Therapy kit is perfect for first-timers and those new to e-stimulation. The easy-to-read LCD screen on the digital power control unit clearly displays the function and intensity level, and ..
$380.00 Ex Tax:$380.00
Model: 3589-56
Quickly extinguish all performance letdowns with the Fire Power Pump! Developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, this handheld penis pump is the easy way to instantly enlarge your penis without any negative side-effects. Discover thick, throb..
$200.00 Ex Tax:$200.00
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