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Tickler Vibes

Brand: Hustler Model: 7969-56
Put it on to keep it up!Buddy Toyfriend is an elegant adjustable erection holder made in smooth and flexible silicone with a one-click hold/release mechanism in ABS-plastic. Place Buddy around the base or the root of the penis and pull tight. Buddy will hold the blood that flows into the penis and c..
$185.00 Ex Tax:$185.00
Brand: Hustler Model: 1604-56
Zany is a Pocket Toyfriend with a twist. Full of buzz and attitude and equipped with two antennas to create that little extra. Zany is made of soft silicone and shiny ABS and is completely waterproof. Materials: Body safe silicone / ABSSurface: SilkySize: 90 mmWeight: 30 gramsBatteries: 1 AAA batter..
$201.00 Ex Tax:$201.00
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