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Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8613-56
Packing some serious power, this smooth silicone cock ring incorporates some intense vibration. The stretchy silicone ring fits comfortably over your shaft and balls, helping you maintain a super hard erection, while the powerful bullet vibe delivers intense stimulation for your partner. The wireles..
$428.00 Ex Tax:$428.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 1641-56
Use this unassuming looking device to spread their mouth open and give you unrestricted access. The comfortable cradles on either side slide easily over all lip sizes. Once you release this device, the U shaped support bar will push the cheeks out of the way, so they are unable to close their lips. ..
$148.00 Ex Tax:$148.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8608-56
If you are ravenous for a huge, ass-stretching insertion, the Claw will open you up like nothing else! Pinch all four wedges together for a more manageable penetration. Once past your sphincter, the Claw will expand, opening your insides up! A hole at the base of the plug allows your partner to peer..
$288.00 Ex Tax:$288.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8642-56
For the most intense ball-crushing play get this acrylic cock and ball crusher. This cock and ball board can apply pressure to both the cock and balls or just the balls, by simply inserting your cock and balls through the back hole. Then screw down the wingnuts to apply more and more pressure. If yo..
$438.00 Ex Tax:$438.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8612-56
This platinum-handled flogger is made of man-made materials, accented with silver for a stunning display. The stiff tails provide an intense sting upon impact, with an embossed diamond-pattern handle that will shine with every swing. The looped handle is ideal while in use or for storage and hanging..
$248.00 Ex Tax:$248.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8621-56
This firm yet stretchy cock sheath provides added girth, length, and texture. Now you can go longer and harder, just by slipping on this Fuk Tool. The holes support the cock and balls, while providing separation. Perfect for a long night of endless penetration.Measurements: 8.5 inches in total lengt..
$288.00 Ex Tax:$288.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8644-56
A comely device of restriction and paradise. The Ringed Monarch is an effective training tool in the art of endurance and sensation play. These devious chrome clover-style clamps are ideal for solo play or with the one you want to dominate. When the O-ring is pulled, the clamps pressure becomes more..
$208.00 Ex Tax:$208.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8618-56
Now our popular Magnus Magnetic Orbs are even bigger and more powerful! This set of two ultra magnetized orbs may be small in size, but these intense balls pack some serious pressure. Once placed on sensitive flesh, these extremely powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. Make a game of seeing how ..
$178.00 Ex Tax:$178.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8595-56
These nipple suckers are no joke! A wide opening allows for the suction of a large area. The unique easy-push design creates a powerful vacuum that clings tightly to your flesh. As blood flow to the nipples increases, they will become more sensitive, making play more fun! Leave the suckers on or tak..
$238.00 Ex Tax:$238.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 8576-56
Pump up this hard cock and enjoy a swollen, hot rod to pound your partner with! Made of a thin layer of supple silicone over a firm, hollow shaft, this body safe and realistically styled cock works with or without an erection! Pump the easy to use removable bulb to add more and more girth. An elasti..
$538.00 Ex Tax:$538.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 1739-56
This high quality medical device is used by dentists and doctors to keep the mouths of their patients open during procedures. The hinge has a ratcheting feature that securely holds the gag open once you set it into place. Just press the lever to easily close the gag. A twist on our classic Jennings ..
$348.00 Ex Tax:$348.00
Brand: California Exotic Novelties Model: 4158-56
This inhibiting bone gag will help you train and control your pet comfortably. Made of premium silicone, this semi-realistic dog bone gag consists of two adjustable 12 inch silicone straps that are connected to the bone by a metal ring at each ens. The bone colored gag measures 6 inches in length an..
$360.00 Ex Tax:$360.00
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