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Brand: Vogue Model: 5356-56
A double parallel structure that carries on both the pleasant feeling of a "supremeling mother" like a sideway fold entangled in one hall and the stimulation of "a subsidiary daughter" that is wrapped in innumerable warts It is standard penetration type hall.It is characterized by the insertion open..
$180.00 Ex Tax:$180.00
Brand: Vogue Model: 5357-56
"Double spiral structure" which added big swell to the hole of twin sisters of different type is installed.My elder sister is chillin specification whose crowned folds are crowded.A large swell and a small spiral fold are entwined relentlessly.A little tight little kicks feeling the unfamiliarity of..
$180.00 Ex Tax:$180.00
Brand: Vogue Model: 5765-56
"Sugoman 3 Beast" sequel "Sugoman 2" of enjoying toys was released.Even though the sequel, which was to alter the size specification.Internal structure is adopted double pink color is a little cheesy, organic texture is reminiscent of the Meiki.In the remaining oil smell with a solid, though not pre..
$260.00 Ex Tax:$260.00
Brand: Vogue Model: 5752-56
Enjoy Toys' long-selling popular product "Suguman 2", the previous work appeared with various improvements! It is a non-penetrating hole which condenses the pleasant feeling as much as a large-sized body while it is a small body. Unusual in this size, big lateral folds give solid stimulation at stro..
$101.00 Ex Tax:$101.00
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