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Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8763-56
Train yourself up to the majors with this dilator kit. This kit allows you to start off small and at your own pace step up to a bigger size. Once you get to the last plug, you will be ready to take anything that comes your way.Measurements: Length range of 3.25 to 5 inches and diameters of 1 inch, 1..
$448.00 Ex Tax:$448.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8764-56
The Size Matters Breast Enhancement System is exactly what you need to give yourself fuller breasts. Each cylinder is made of industrial strength crystal clear acrylic and will fit comfortably over your breasts. With this system you can enhance your breasts to a nice full size in no time! Just fit t..
$828.00 Ex Tax:$828.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8750-56
Use this pump to increase sensation in your clitoris, or even your nipples, enhancing pleasure! Place the cylinder over your desired erogenous zone and squeeze the hand pump to draw blood into the area. You will feel suction as your clit increases temporarily in size and sensitivity. You can easily ..
$298.00 Ex Tax:$298.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8751-56
Nipple play enthusiasts will love this easy-to-use pumping system! Nipple suction increases sensitivity and temporarily engorges as it draws increased circulation into the area. The sensation is perfect for foreplay or during masturbation. You can even detach the cylinders and keep them on while you..
$378.00 Ex Tax:$378.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8752-56
Simple, but remarkably powerful, these suckers can be used anywhere on your body where you would like to experience increased sensitivity and temporary enlargement, but they are especially effective on your nipples! With a wider cylinder than others, this set will pull your entire areola and surroun..
$318.00 Ex Tax:$318.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8757-56
This semi-realistic sex sleeve combines girth, vibration, and texture to your rod for the ultimate in sexual satisfaction. The textured interior increases stimulation and stays put, allowing for a powerful finish. The contoured interior is tight enough for friction. For your pleasure, the Vibro Slee..
$258.00 Ex Tax:$258.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8755-56
This adorable pleasure tool packs astonishing sensual capabilities! Place the silicone cup against your vulva and use the hand pump to create a stronger suction. The pressure will also draw more blood to the area, making you more sensitive. The one-push button allows you to easily cycle through 3 sp..
$398.00 Ex Tax:$398.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 8748-56
This multi function cock tool is designed for maximum partner stimulation and increased erection enhancement. The textured sheath has multiple areas of stimulation, and is stretch to fit for pleasure on any size. The stretchy retention strap fits behind the balls so it will not slip off no matter ho..
$188.00 Ex Tax:$188.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 4154-56
The Autoboss Breast Pump from Size Matters is an incredibly powerful and technologically advanced enlargement device that delivers impressive and sizeable results! This pump comes with a premium acrylic cylinder that holds air in tight with a comfort..
$592.00 Ex Tax:$592.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 3557-56
This penis pump is ideal for beginners who want to increase the size of their cock. The device creates a tight vacuum seal around the penis, causing intense suction and additional mass. The pump has a quick air release control, pneumatic bulb, latex ring for a tight seal and a see-thru cylinder to m..
$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00
Brand: Prisms Erotic Glass Model: 3558-56
The Bionic Electric Pump lets you take your pumping experience to the next level! It provides a continuous even flow of vacuum pressure, and its brass pressure valve allows you to adjust the intensity of the suction. The gauge allows a view of the precise pressure level for maximum control over your..
$1,992.00 Ex Tax:$1,992.00
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