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Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4147-56
Made of high quality black plated steel, these cuffs are also double locking to prevent your partner from escaping! Since they are designed for official police use, you can be sure that they’re completely secure. These are a great step up from ordinary silver hand cuffs.Weight: 0.57 lbs..
$260.00 Ex Tax:$260.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4141-56
The Blush XOXO Paddle is from Sportsheets latest range of Blush soft bondage products. Made from vegan friendly materials and containing no animal products, the Blush XOXO Paddle can leave a few hugs and kisses all over your willing lover. With contrasting stitching around the outside of the soft pa..
$160.00 Ex Tax:$160.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4551-56
Plug up that ass with a beautiful heart-shaped jewel!Create a scene that is both visually stunning and incredibly pleasurable! Surprise your lover when you bend over and show them the sexy and adorable jeweled heart poking out of your asshole. The shiny metal is smooth for an easy insertion and ultr..
$290.00 Ex Tax:$290.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4064-56
Get the Devoted Three Piece Bedroom BDSM Set for an effective way to explore the world of bondage play. This sensational set includes some time-tested favourites found in every kinky collection. Add some spice to your sex life and play out some of your bedroom fantasies.The Devoted Three Piece Bedro..
$350.00 Ex Tax:$350.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4153-56
Enjoy some hardcore probing with this Double Fister Dong! Made for fisting lovers, this dong incorporates two hands in different positions, fingering and fisting, at each end. Since this dong is made from PVC, it is soft and flexible but still firm.Measurements: Approximately 26 inches in total leng..
$590.00 Ex Tax:$590.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4155-56
A gorgeous, leather enhanced, bdsm geared lovers tool from the stand-out Fashionistas collection, the Black Glass Riding Crop is a unique flogger with each end stinging an opposite, but equally pleasurable purpose. First off, a supple leather switch graces the top side, it's as perfect for forging t..
$342.00 Ex Tax:$342.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4151-56
Up for a game of role playing with the King or Queen of hearts? The Heart Tip Crop from Strict Leather is a quality crop that has a sturdy and flexible fiberglass wrapped rod. Experience a full range of sensations, from light taps to heavy thuds... this crop WILL endure. The tip is made from a soft ..
$270.00 Ex Tax:$270.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 3329-56
Your patient must be kept from spitting or biting and this mouth spreader is just the device to prevent this from happening. The hooked metal mouth bits grip the corners of the mouth, spreading it wide open. This item is made of heavy-duty metal and nylon and the adjustable neck strap fits most pati..
$130.00 Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4164-56
For penetration you can really wrap your fingers around, get a good grip on the Knuckle Punch Adapter. Specifically designed to give you command and control for the ultimate in stylish pleasure with its brass knuckle style design and Vac-U-Lock end. Pair with any compatible Vac-U-Lock Dildo and give..
$150.00 Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4550-56
It is a small electric appliance attachment that can stimulate G spot and chest at the same time.A unique ergonomics that is inserted so as to suck the G spot and the chest adheresDesign is a feature.The material is a reliable elastomer material called TPR.Of course it is a very easy-to-use item eve..
$150.00 Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4073-56
Great value. These nickel plated handcuffs look great and are police quality. Fully double-locking to prevent slips. 2 keys included...
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: NS Novelties Model: 4075-56
Professional Police double-hinged cuffs made of satin nickel finished steel. The hinge design restricts wrist movement better than standard chain handcuffs. The inner perimeter measures 5-3/4" to 8". Double locking engaging pin assures security. Includes two keys. Cuffs weigh 11 oz...
$220.00 Ex Tax:$220.00
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