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Strap U

Brand: Personage Model: 4553-56
Add some sensuality to your power and pleasure, with this garter-belt style strap-on harnessOffering stunning visual appeal, this strap-on harness will let you slip on your favorite dildo (up to 2" in diameter) and have your way with your partner. The harness uses elastic straps, with a thong-style ..
$368.00 Ex Tax:$368.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8785-56
Indulge in your strap on fantasies with this fully adjustable and comfortable dildo harness from Strap U. With a wide band supportive harness that adjusts via two Velcro straps, you can insert your favorite flared base dildo into the O ring. Just snap it into place and you are ready to start penetra..
$418.00 Ex Tax:$418.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8790-56
This impressive silicone strap on set is fully adjustable and ready for adventures! The attached silicone dildo has a girthy, semi flexible shaft as well as a G-spot angled tip that is textured with veiny swells for added sensation. The threaded dildo allows it to be anchored firmly in place, with n..
$548.00 Ex Tax:$548.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8776-56
This one size fits most harness system comes with stretchy straps, and a semi realistic dildo which expands to fill your partner. Just use the medical style hand pump to inflate the dong to a thicker, more satisfying size. The adjustable T-back harness is flexible for ultimate comfort. The easy rele..
$568.00 Ex Tax:$568.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8768-56
Perfect for pegging or vaginal sex, this strap-on set has everything you need for a comfortable and passionate penetration! Equipped with a sexy, adjustable harness and a silky, non-threatening dildo, you and your partner will be able to delve into new pleasure territory. The harness accommodates ma..
$488.00 Ex Tax:$488.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8786-56
This double sided strap on dildo lets you and your partner enjoy mutual pleasure in a sleek, slick design. The phallic outer dildo is made of smooth, gleaming PVC, made to glide in and out easily. The inner dildo is demurely sized, but expertly curved, designed for G-spot stimulation, with an additi..
$618.00 Ex Tax:$618.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8773-56
Peg your partner while you also experience the pleasure of penetration! This vibrating double dong is already harnessed into sturdy leather-like straps that are easily adjusted to your perfect fit via 2 buckles. Both dildos are realistically textured for the dual appreciation of both you and your pa..
$738.00 Ex Tax:$738.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8771-56
Ergonomically designed for the female body, this strapless strap-on provides clitoral, vaginal, and anal pleasure to the wearer while delivering a textured shaft with which to penetrate their partner. Furthermore, this remarkable couples toy thrums throughout all stimulation points with the power of..
$698.00 Ex Tax:$698.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8778-56
This vibrating strap on dildo is strap-free, so nothing comes between your lover and you but your pleasure. No harness required, it stays in place with an insertable, curved probe. Just flex your PC muscles and let the powerful vibration and textured clitoral pad stimulate you as you penetrate your ..
$468.00 Ex Tax:$468.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8779-56
This smooth, matte dildo is curved at the tip, with a slight increase in girth for intense G-spot stimulation. The heard shaped base fits most standard strap on harnesses, with a firm yet flexible feel. The material is non-porous, phthalate-free, and body safe. Perfect for partner use or solo play. ..
$258.00 Ex Tax:$258.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8770-56
This strapless strap-on is ergonomically designed to provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation to the wearer, while delivering a textured shaft for the penetrating pleasure of their partner. Furthermore, this remarkable couples toy benefits both partners with the power of a vibrating bullet. The bott..
$658.00 Ex Tax:$658.00
Brand: Personage Model: 8766-56
This set of 3 silky, smooth dildos is perfect for getting you accustomed to vaginal or anal penetration. Your tight hole needs to be coaxed and pleasured before it allows entry of a big dick or dildo, so start small with the finger-sized shaft. Subtle swirled ridges protrude for a delicious texture ..
$498.00 Ex Tax:$498.00
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