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Brand: JEX Model: 8745-56
Ben is buzzing with orgasmic pleasure! With 6.5 ample inches of vibrating shaft, this realistic vibe is aiming to please with a powerful multispeed motor. To turn up the intensity, simply twist the base and let the lifelike look and realistic feel stroke you into a state of ecstasy. You can even tak..
$290.00 Ex Tax:$290.00
Brand: JEX Model: 8744-56
This ultra realistic vibrator is blissfully bent at the head to zero in on your G or P spot! Simply insert and aim for your target. Once you have found your pleasure place, take it into overdrive by turning Gino on! Using the variable speed dial at the base, you can enjoy powerful vibration as Gino ..
$290.00 Ex Tax:$290.00
Brand: JEX Model: 8743-56
Get wild with this juicy pussy that is ready whenever you want it, right in the palm of your hand! The tight, textured interior is encased in an ergonomically curved outer shell for a firm grip. Just lube it up and plunge your cock between the sweet pink pussy lips and let the tight inner tunnel gri..
$210.00 Ex Tax:$210.00
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