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Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4315-56
Everything has a beginning. To allow your pleasure to grow, Bloom has perfectly captured the essence of a naturally budding flower. The flexible stem can be used for a completely customized experience at your fingertips. With two separate vibrations on each end of the smooth silicone exterior, the B..
$685.00 Ex Tax:$685.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4566-56
Bloom+ is a slender vibration designed for perfect targeted pleasure to the areas that matter most. In the large bud, a deep and invigorating vibration excites you as a stronger and quicker vibration can be felt in the lower stem. The slightly flexible shape encourages you to experiment with each co..
$820.00 Ex Tax:$820.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4666-56
With a virtually seamless finish that highlights its natural shape contoured to the palm of your hand, life+ is controlled by a subtle and simple to use button. Open yourself to a world of pleasure as you cycle through 3 incredible vibration speeds and 2 pattern functions. Details: Waterproof, Trav..
$775.00 Ex Tax:$775.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4567-56
Inspired by the classic rabbit style vibe, vitality+ is a clever dual motor vibe with two pleasure buds. A deep vibration is in the larger tip while a strong one is in the other. Its shape encourages you to experiment with each combination of any 3 vibration speeds or 2 pattern functions offering in..
$830.00 Ex Tax:$830.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4316-56
New, exciting, and pure perfection. These words naturally describe all that Fresh is. With its simple yet perfectly sculpted design, Fresh contains vibrations that traverse its entire surface. Whether you are looking for a refined edge or a soft curve, Fresh is inspired by naturally occurring shapes..
$642.00 Ex Tax:$642.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4667-56
Featuring a simple design, fresh+ provides a deep and powerful vibration in a compact, easy to hold shape. 3 completely unique curves allow you the freedom to target pleasure to the areas you desire most. Fresh+ is complete with 3 vibration speeds and 2 pattern functions. Details: Waterproof, Trave..
$767.00 Ex Tax:$767.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4317-56
Life is to be celebrated. With its simple, subtle contours and smooth finish, Life allows for exploration of the body that can only be described as pure comfort. Its beautifully curved structure and PowerBullet technology allow for the powerful vibrations to be felt in any position. With its eco-fri..
$650.00 Ex Tax:$650.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4318-56
Spirit is the embodiment of nature. With spirit, experience the feeling of pure bliss at the touch of your fingers. With its stylised and highly effective shape, allow spirit to take you on a sensual journey. Covered in the softest silicone available and containing powerful vibrations, spirit is scu..
$600.00 Ex Tax:$600.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4319-56
Leaf Touch Vibrator - The desire to touch is as basic as breathing. The touch has been elegantly handcrafted to act as an extension of your body, which is why it fits perfectly within the grasp of your hand. Feel the soft silicone contoured curve as you harness the powerful vibrations and let the to..
$642.00 Ex Tax:$642.00
Brand: Naked Addiction Model: 4320-56
Feeling full of life? If not maybe you need the Leaf+ VITALITY Personal Massager Green to revitalise you. This member of the Leaf Vibrator range is described as “The Essence of Nature”, don’t you love marketing blurb! The Leaf Vitalities twin tips, which you could describe as leaflets or petals, con..
$697.00 Ex Tax:$697.00
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