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Brand: Silexd Model: 4642-56
Her name might not be Rio, but she’ll be dancing on the sand with the Ooh Her Name is Rio Pleasure Kit. Designed by the Luxury Toy company Je Joue, you can be assured your kit is made with the utmost quality. This kit includes:1 Large Vibrating Motor, 1 Pebble Clitoral Stimulator Attachment, 1 Class..
$819.00 Ex Tax:$819.00
Brand: Silexd Model: 4643-56
With the Ooh What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit, the odds are sure to be in your favor. Designed by the Luxury Toy company Je Joue, your kit is made with only high quality materials. The What Happens in Vegas kit includes: 1 Large Vibrating Motor, 1 Cock Ring Attachment, 1 Classic Vibrator Attachmen..
$819.00 Ex Tax:$819.00
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