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Brand: Me Seduce Model: 5139-56
A tiny tool that's beyond perfect for introducing anal play to a curious but skeptical playmate, the Bottoms Up collection presents the Finger Rammer, an incredibly manageable, comfortably shaped plug that attaches securely to a finger, allowing for a more connected and controlled approach to penetr..
$201.00 Ex Tax:$201.00
Brand: Me Seduce Model: 5137-56
A versatile trio of colorful, excitingly realistic plugs perfect for gradually working up to deeper penetration desires, the Bum Buddies kit allows customized progression, sturdy hands-free suction potential, and lots of devious pleasure.In small, medium and large sizes, the Bumpers are quite unifor..
$550.00 Ex Tax:$550.00
Brand: Me Seduce Model: 5138-56
Crotchless adjustable t-back harnessFits up to a 49“ (124 cm) waistSofter-than-leather material is ultra-flexibleIncludes a realistic 7 insertable inch (17.5 cm) dong and apurple translucent 6 insertable inch (15.5 cm) slimline dong..
$601.00 Ex Tax:$601.00
Brand: Me Seduce Model: 5140-56
16 fl-Ounce (473 ml) bottle Condom compatible personal lubricant Easy-to-control no-drip gel formula Easy pump top for quick application Colorless, fragrance-free, and water-based Enhances any sexual experience Non-staining and long-lasting formula..
$340.00 Ex Tax:$340.00
Brand: Me Seduce Model: 5135-56
A personal massager disguised as a lip stick for discrete pleasures. Just 4 “ x ¾”, no one will ever know what pleasures are hidden inside. Made of polished ABS, the LIP’O multispeed vibrator requires 1x AAA battery to power 2 internal motors.Vibrating 4” “lipstick”multispeed vibrationdeliciously di..
$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00
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