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Brand: Fuji World Model: 5180-56
Fantastic for oral pleasure wherever you go in the world - simply charge and play!A pocket-sized clitoral vibrator with insane power, the Kiss Oral massager features a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns to lick your clitoris into an orgasmic frenzy. USB rechargeable, ora..
$470.00 Ex Tax:$470.00
Brand: Fuji World Model: 5182-56
Snow Rabbit combines clitoral stimulation with arousing vibrations directly on your G-spot.Together with the integrated heater, it will provide you an unprecedented climax!It is rechargeable, waterproof up to 1 meter and made of soft and flexible silicone material. • Length: 20cm• Insertable: 11.5cm..
$660.00 Ex Tax:$660.00
Brand: Fuji World Model: 5184-56
42 ° intelligent temperature control feel the body real body temperature10 kinds of provocative mode provocative model again picky woman can meetStick is not only a strong shock stick is also a simulation of the penisErgonomic design does not hold large private partsGood quality from good material s..
$541.00 Ex Tax:$541.00
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