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Brand: Japan Toyz Model: 5181-56
The Partner Plus Toy is a partner vibrator worn during lovemaking to stimulate both of you at the same time. The vibrator is intended for vaginal and simultaneous clitoral use during intercourse. The side with the control button stimulates the outside of the clitoris, whilst the other side of the cu..
$598.00 Ex Tax:$598.00
Brand: Japan Toyz Model: 5183-56
Partner Toy is an elegant vibrator especially for couples. Partner Toy is worn by the female and penetration is still possible. The wide section of the toy will stimulate the clitoris. The male feels the vibration of the Partner Toy during penetration.Partner Toy has 7 different programs and 3 speed..
$560.00 Ex Tax:$560.00
Brand: Japan Toyz Model: 6608-56
The new partner whale convinces with its cute, fresh design and provides mutual highlights while lovemaking. It is designed to target first time love toy users as well as younger couples who are looking for a fun toy to spice up their sexuality.The Partner Whale Massager is a couples vibrator to be ..
$471.00 Ex Tax:$471.00
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