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Brand: Hot Model: 5555-56
Hello Gorgeous has 7 unique Vibration Patterns, variable Speed Setting for each Vibration Patten and 2 powerful motors (one in the Shaft and one in the Tickler). Hello Gorgeous has been designed to maximise your pleasure...
$1,180.00 Ex Tax:$1,180.00
Brand: Hot Model: 5556-56
Make Me Mad is a truly remarkable Remote Control pleasure machine. Use it by yourself or with a friend to experience the ultimate pleasures while under someone else’s control. With 7 unique Vibration Patterns and a powerful motor Make Me Mad has been designed to maximise your pleasure...
$1,000.00 Ex Tax:$1,000.00
Brand: Hot Model: 5557-56
Love Affair is your versatile companion that can change with your desires. Love Affair has a powerful Bullet vibrator with 7 unique vibration patterns and two Silicone Sleeves that can be changed to suit your desires and maximise your pleasure. ..
$452.00 Ex Tax:$452.00
Brand: Hot Model: 5554-56
Contents of box:- 1 Bow Tie G-string- 1 Tickler- 1 Set of nipple tassels- 1 'Good Vibrations' bullet vibrator- One 2 in 1 Neutral Massage Oil & Lubricant (30ml)- 1 Raunchy dice set- 1 RopeThis exclusive gift box is a luxury set for different intimate evenings. Take it on a journey or give it as an o..
$692.00 Ex Tax:$692.00
Brand: Hot Model: 5553-56
Explore every bit of yourself, or if you want to encourage your lover to, our 2 in 1 massage oil and lubricants are perfect. This neutral flavoured silicon based lubricant is the ideal incentive to spice things up in the bedroom! Our lubes and lotions are all 100% body friendly and suitable for all ..
$182.00 Ex Tax:$182.00
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