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Brand: Latex Wear Model: 5610-56
BKK VR Vibrator is an adult VR interactive device for female. Users can interact with the vibrator. The contents will react accordingly to create an immersive experience. Material: Medical-grade silicone Craft: Rubber coating Weight: 116g Vibration modes: 7 Noise: <40db Waterproof: 100% Packaging ..
$798.00 Ex Tax:$798.00
Brand: Latex Wear Model: 6527-56
The Original Virtual Sex ExperienceBKK VR Stroker combines traditional masturbation cup with innovative motion sensing technology. Your every thrust will transmitted to the sexy babe in the interactive video. The stroker come with a tight, realistic TPR vagina. The stroker also comes with a cup for ..
$1,192.00 Ex Tax:$1,192.00
Brand: Latex Wear Model: 5608-56
Save My Blushes Presents - BKK - VIRTUAL REALITY MASTURBATION DEVICE BKK Cybersex Cup is an evolutionary smart sex toy, which combined virtual reality and motion-sensing technology. The cup set included a motion-sensing masturbation cup, a VR helmet, and a mobile application. Mobile Porn Game The ..
$882.00 Ex Tax:$882.00
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