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Fifty Shades

Brand: NMC Model: 5640-56
Fifty Shades of Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Pinwheel. One of the few sensory toys you can use anywhere on the body, add this beautiful pinwheel to play to tease each and every one of your lovers nerve endings. The result? A super sensitive plaything who will be left begging for your undivided att..
$130.00 Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: NMC Model: 5644-56
Fifty Shades of Darker Tingles Clitoral Vibrator. Beckon boundless ecstasy from your palm with the Delicious Tingles clitoral vibrator. Discreetly sized and ergonomically shaped, the pebble vibe sits comfortably in your hand with a tapered tip that extends beyond your fingertips for pinpoint stimula..
$590.00 Ex Tax:$590.00
Brand: NMC Model: 5645-56
Fifty Shades of Darker G-Spot Steel Wand Deliciously Deep. Light the touch paper to explosive orgasms with the Deliciously Deep G-spot wand. Featuring 2 insertable ends for distinct sensations during play, switch sensation up in a moment as your flip the toy from its smooth lustrous tip to the inten..
$690.00 Ex Tax:$690.00
Brand: NMC Model: 5646-56
Extend an intimate invitation to your lover to explore extra pleasure in lovemaking with the Release Together love ring. An elegant velvet-touch silicone ring, this couple's toy can help lovers enjoy longer-lasting and intensified shared sessions.Stretch the ring around the base of his penis to help..
$360.00 Ex Tax:$360.00
Brand: NMC Model: 5647-56
Elevate your bondage adventures to a new level with the Dark Desire advanced couples kit. Keep your lover's wriggles of excitement under control in any position with the silky bondage rope, then reach for the rest of the kit to reinforce your command..."With my body, I will worship you." – Christian..
$691.00 Ex Tax:$691.00
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