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Leten Co., LTF of Hong Kong

Brand: Anime Star Model: 6528-56
1) 380 pistons work at one time, 23500 RPM2) Fully automatic high frequency sex movement.3) Larger motion, better function, better internal structure, easier charging, better appearance.4) 5 tops core upgrades, extra sensation experience.5) 10 vibration mode( 5 types of speed + 5 types of vibration)..
$600.00 Ex Tax:$600.00
Brand: Anime Star Model: 6529-56
"LETEN A380 Electric Piston Vagina Cup 2MC - HL 013" can be adjusted for angle, you can enjoy hands - free firmly securing with a suction cup. The inner hole uses a flexible transparent elastomer (allergy free material) that reproduces the human skin and odor is also minor. It is designed to make it..
$901.00 Ex Tax:$901.00
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