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Bondage Bearz

Brand: Just Glide Model: 7010-56
Bondage Bearz Billy is a bondage bear that’s all tied up in knots over you! Billy comes ready to get naughty with a blindfold mask and is all tied up with an intricate black braided rope. Both are removable, so you can practice your love knots. This rough n’ ready teddy bear is all geared up for bon..
$228.00 Ex Tax:$228.00
Brand: Just Glide Model: 7011-56
Bondage Bearz Jesse is a sexxxy bondage bear that's ready to play with his own lil flogger! Jesse comes ready to lay down the pain with an eye mask, and a 5-Strap harness with metal O-rings in front & back that are all removable. This rough n ready teddy bear is all geared up and ready to go. Perfec..
$228.00 Ex Tax:$228.00
Brand: Just Glide Model: 7009-56
Bondage Bearz Ray is here to play! Ray comes ready to get freaky with a blindfold mask, leather outfit with a red ball gag, all detailed removable accessories. This naughty new plush toy is geared up for bondage enthusiasts and everyone who enjoys experimenting. Take my mask off every once in a whil..
$228.00 Ex Tax:$228.00
Brand: Just Glide Model: 7012-56
Bondage Bearz Sam is a bondage bear that will never tell you no! Sam comes ready to get frisked with a leather gimp mask, metal studded bottoms with a chain leash you can use to drag him around, all the accessories are removable. This rough n tumble teddy bear is all geared up for bondage enthusiast..
$228.00 Ex Tax:$228.00
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