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Zorbo Bondage

Model: 7743-56
Calf softy leather fountain flogger wrapped lamb leather Length of flogger: 21.5"..
$400.00 Ex Tax:$400.00
Model: 7739-56
This fierce silicone flogger has 4 thick tails which will provide a heavy thud and intense sensation with every swing. The leather wrapped handle is patterned in red and black, accenting the gleaming black rubber. Flexible yet firm, rubber makes an ideal impact material, due to its fluid-resistant n..
$430.00 Ex Tax:$430.00
Model: 7742-56
Black red whip for SM practices from high-quality leather with straps. This whip has a very versatile use, ranging from a gentle snarling to a hard beating.24 black suede details and 12 fluffy red tailsFor easy hitting, stroking or pamperingTotal length without strap: approx. 45.7 cm, handle length ..
$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00
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