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Lovers Premium

Brand: Rosy Gold Model: 7859-56
Surprise your partner – strew some rose petals on the bed or in a nice bath.Create the ultimate romantic atmosphere with these rose petals and flickering candles. Surprise your partner by making a trail of rose petals. You can strew the rose petals on the bed. Or run a lovely warm bath and let the r..
$198.00 Ex Tax:$198.00
Brand: Rosy Gold Model: 7860-56
Spoil your partner with a vibrating head massage that will make all their troubles fade away and put them in a romantic tingling state of happiness! Switch on the motor and choose the setting that you love best. Softly glide the head massager over your scalp and enjoy the incredible, soft tingling s..
$238.00 Ex Tax:$238.00
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