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Brand: Sway Model: 8389-56
Cross your heart and hope to fly with the tokidoki x Lovehoney Swoop bullet vibrator. Housing a single-speed motor and featuring the classic tokidoki swallow and heart and crossbones logo, this collectable vibe is as cute as it is orgasm-inducing.Smooth, rounded and firm for precise stimulation, thi..
$248.00 Ex Tax:$248.00
Brand: Sway Model: 8387-56
Turn the kaleidoscope and peep inside with tokidokis classic Girl Power vibrator. Power internal or external play with its 3 speeds and 4 patterns for spectacular satisfaction. The firm vibrator supercharges both solo pleasure and partnered play.Every moment is a gift we can choose to fritter or tre..
$380.00 Ex Tax:$380.00
Brand: Sway Model: 8388-56
"Sugar (do-do do-do do-doo) ah Honey Bunny, play with your pleasure pearl, and anywhere you're wanting to..." Combining the versatility of a bullet vibe with vivid tokidoki art, the Honey Bunny vibe is a true classic, with a twist. A bit like my 'lyrics'.Smooth, rounded and firm for precise stimulat..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Sway Model: 8390-56
Seize upon adventure and glide on the wings of bliss as this slim bullet lifts you like a wind. A single strong speed powers vivid sensations for effortlessly simple one-touch play, while the ultra-compact toy can stay on hand for adventures near and far.Connect to the hidden magic inside yourself w..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Sway Model: 7868-56
Sometimes elusive but always magical, orgasms and unicorns have a lot in common. Gallop full steed ahead to climactic bliss with the petite-yet-vibrant Unicorn bullet vibe by Tokidoki x Lovehoney. Smooth, firm and powerful for spellbinding pleasure.Smooth, rounded and firm for precise stimulation, t..
$240.00 Ex Tax:$240.00
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