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Brand: ArteMed Model: 8406-56
Stable bottom design leads you to hands-free sex. Accessories:ONDO! lubricant(5ml)Material: ElastomerProduct size: H170mm×W110mm×D90mm   Weight: 755g..
$358.00 Ex Tax:$358.00
Brand: ArteMed Model: 8405-56
How lovely hip!Well designed and quality material, enjoy 1300g hip.Realized different and unique inner structure for Vagina and Anal part.Accessories: ONDO! lubricant(5ml)Material: ElastomerProduct size: H140mm×W110mm×D90mm   Weight: 1300g..
$548.00 Ex Tax:$548.00
Brand: ArteMed Model: 8407-56
Quick warming by USB.Safe and high powered heating.5V/1.3A(USB2.0)120mm long size. Can heat enough to the depth.Note:USB port is not waterproof, please keep away from liquid or water.Switch off when not in use to prevent a fire.Product size: H150mm×W30mm (Cord length: 520mm)..
$98.00 Ex Tax:$98.00
Brand: ArteMed Model: 8404-56
Feel the DIFFERENCE.ONDO achieved to develop totally NEW pleasant feeling by putting water inside of the masturbator.Comparing with rubber material, water soft and tender pressure gives you an another wave of excitement.Accessories: ONDO! lubricant(5ml), Band attachmentMaterial: SiliconeProduct size..
$1,088.00 Ex Tax:$1,088.00
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