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Model: 8023-56
18 Series / Dream. This product is a meat-type medium-sized masturbation device, ultra-realistic beauty, coupled with external design has a number of small hole shape gives visual impact, the internal channel is 360-degree thread 3D channel, spiral thread channel. The second half of the channel is a..
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Model: 8024-56
18 Series / Tattoo This product is medium sized masturbation device, modeled on a real pussy made of man-made, the only mysterious and pretty secretly hidden, the appearance of tattoo-like totem lines designed to bring visual impact, ultra-compact Vaginal orifice, the internal channel for the ultra-..
$330.00 Ex Tax:$330.00
Model: 8279-56
Adarashi series are based on an excited young woman’s vagina with G-spot, thick vaginal membrane and creases, which is all men’s long-cherished dream. And its hard eight beads offer sensation stimulus from the cockhead to the root. The strong 4-steps beads tightening from the insertion gives compres..
$500.00 Ex Tax:$500.00
Model: 8030-56
Adarashi-2. This product is medium-sized masturbation device, modeled on the real genitals created, the only wonderful extravagant virtual vaginal entrance and lying position masturbation device to bring visual impact, ultra-tight vaginal mouth, three-dimensional labia. Internal channel is full of g..
$500.00 Ex Tax:$500.00
Model: 8280-56
Increases stimulation through compression and adsorption using the air inside the non-open end product.Hot style vagina design offers a nub-type structure demonstrating different G-spot than that of other conventional products.Inside at the top of the multidimensional structure offers comb stimulati..
$830.00 Ex Tax:$830.00
Model: 8028-56
Angel. This product is medium-sized hip masturbation device, modeled on the real hip to create, the only exceptionally delicate external labia minora entrance to bring visual impact, ultra-tight vaginal opening. The internal channel is full of bump particles, middle income. Tight channel like naught..
$400.00 Ex Tax:$400.00
Model: 8029-56
Angel-2. This product is medium-sized bottom buttocks masturbation device, modeled on the real buttocks made, the only wonderful exquisite putaway virtual labia minora entrance to bring visual impact, ultra-tight vaginal mouth. The internal channel fleshy. Staggered granulation intertwined, tighten ..
$450.00 Ex Tax:$450.00
Model: 8022-56
Six-step of multiple compression original anal of strong tighteningCombination of conventional anal stimulus and compressionThe strong six tightening from the insertion gives compression and adsorption sensation effectively to your penis.The most effective and commonly used male masturbators for ana..
$270.00 Ex Tax:$270.00
Model: 8043-56
This product is a medium-sized masturbation device, modeled on human body details to create, only the only wonderful ultra-realistic face, meticulous hair feeling. Lying on one hand clasped his hands claw hole waiting to insert the pose to bring visual. Impact, ultra-tight vaginal mouth, the interna..
$500.00 Ex Tax:$500.00
Model: 8032-56
Offers strong tightening at the beginning of insertion, effectively delivering compression and adsorption to your penis; multiple compression Cherry provides the most effective and realistic structure among other male masturbators.Satisfies both normal and doggy styles.A product of 360 degree, satis..
$1,090.00 Ex Tax:$1,090.00
Model: 8026-56
This product is medium sized buttocks masturbation device, modeled on the real hip to create. Only wonderful virtual entrance gives visual impact, ultra tight anal, the internal passage is full of bumps. Size is not fleshy, you want to experience the full simulation of the anal acupuncture. Quickly ..
$270.00 Ex Tax:$270.00
Model: 8025-56
The smallest among Cleo Vagina is the best among numerous mini-hip types. A handheld size with detailed description of nympha and fantastic internal structure will present visual excitement as well as the best stimulation. 1. The appearance of vagina insertion and size is designed just like the real..
$270.00 Ex Tax:$270.00
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