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Model: 8881-56
Bubbling Bliss is a highly stimulating beaded attachment for your favorite wand. Featuring five orgasmic pleasure beads, each one larger than the last. Delight in powerful vibration that is transmitted through each bead. This five inch insertable stimulator is made of flexible TPR material, so that ..
$158.00 Ex Tax:$158.00
Model: 8901-56
Dive into a sea of ecstasy with the Dual Pleasure Dolphin from Wand Essentials! Made from soft, premium, body-safe silicone, the Dolphin is firm enough to apply pressure to all of your most sensitive areas, yet flexible to bend with your body. Now you can harness the intense vibrations from your fav..
$198.00 Ex Tax:$198.00
Model: 8891-56
Made for your satisfaction and convenience, this double-sided wand massager features two powerful and independent motors for optional vibration on both ends. Use the larger, bulbed wand head to relieve tension in broad areas, while the narrow handle can be used to pin-point smaller muscle aches. The..
$708.00 Ex Tax:$708.00
Model: 8904-56
Slip this soft silicone head over the top of your standard size wand and let it massage you with more intestity. The cap gently disperses the vibration from your wand to each of the rounded nodes.Measurements: 2.25 inches inner diameterMaterial: SiliconeNote: Fits standard size wand massagers, inclu..
$148.00 Ex Tax:$148.00
Model: 8905-56
Slip this soft silicone head over the top of your standard size wand and let it massage you into a state of complete bliss. The cap gently disperses the vibration from your wand to each of the rounded sensation nodes, stimulating you and adding an extra dimension of pleasure to your favorite toy.Mea..
$148.00 Ex Tax:$148.00
Model: 8746-56
Experience the next evolution of masturbation with the M-Gasm. Made to go over a wand, or similar vibe, it uses the vibrations to deliver amazing stimulation! With a life-like feel and ribbed shaft, you will think it is the real thing!Material: TPE.Measurements: Approx. 8.25 inches in length and 3 i..
$248.00 Ex Tax:$248.00
Model: 8888-56
Why let the big guys have all the fun? Now, you can turn your compact wand massager into a customized pleasure tool with this rabbit ear attachment. The slim, flexible ears will tickle and please you, with soft silicone and a matte, skin-soft finish. Perfectly sized for on the go stimulation!Measure..
$118.00 Ex Tax:$118.00
Model: 8899-56
Make your wand massager go the extra mile with the Wand Essentials stimU Tip! This cute, pink attachment fits over the head of your favorite wand massager, and takes an already mind-blowing experience to the next level. The stimulating pleasure tips bring a new texture and dimension to the vibration..
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Model: 8893-56
This sex toy turns your Hitachi Magic Wand or other Magic Massager into a vibrating double penetrator. The long end is meant to hit all the right spots in the vagina while the other end stimulates the anus. It even has a soft nubby area to stimulate the clit at the same time.Made from TPR, which is ..
$198.00 Ex Tax:$198.00
Model: 8892-56
Discover new pleasure sensations with your powerful massage wand and this exciting accessory! Bring yourself to orgasmic bliss with three stimulating textures. This wand topper features beaded nubs on one side to provide an intense massage. The other side has gentle waves that allow the vibrations t..
$198.00 Ex Tax:$198.00
Model: 8890-56
Use this flexible, powerful arm to hold your favorite vibrating wand in place so you can enjoy hands-free power, for even more pleasure possibilities. The clamp end affixes easily to any flat, appropriately sized edge. Just twist the screw down to clamp it on. Now use one of the two adjustable circl..
$608.00 Ex Tax:$608.00
Model: 8882-56
Enhance the pleasure and functionality of your favorite Fleshlight masturbator with this Wand Essentials attachment! This attachment lets you take your favorite Fleshlight and turn it into a vibrating pleasure product. The attachment fits over any standard sized wand and holds your Fleshlight secure..
$448.00 Ex Tax:$448.00
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