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Coloured Condoms

Coloured Condoms
Brand: A-One Model: 8716-56
Commercial skins to choose the type With scent of sweet floral! A business type condom of pink dot type which accepts well also for women. If you value Cospa in addition to shape! It is a reliable business made condoms with 144 pieces that are also coated with lubricated jelly made in Japan. 144 p..
Ex Tax:272.00HK$
Brand: Durex Model: 5306-56
Durex Fetherlite condoms are ultra fine for extra sensitivity and the additional benefit of a warming lubricant to intensify sensations. "easy-on" means our condoms are shaped to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.33.5mm diameter;105mm circumference;52.5mm width* Coral colourWarming lu..
Ex Tax:131.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 955-56
It is a super-fine type condom of 003 of thinness (measurement of Fuji Latex Co., Ltd.). Developed under the concept in the challenge to thinness of zero and the feeling of zero in use. Please feel the result of the challenge to zero by yourself.36mm diameter113mm circumference56.5mm width Soft pink..
Ex Tax:100.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 6757-56
Highly safe product using low protein material and water-soluble jelly!Fluffy water jelly of carrageenan mixture!The natural ingredient carrageenan extracted from the seaweed was blended into the water-soluble jelly which can be quickly rinsed off with water.Rubber odor cutting process, highly funct..
Ex Tax:110.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 913-56
We know that condoms are the size of the points of it? This trumpet give you a more personal feel safer.Contents: 12 piecesFit perfectly, do not worry to fall out!Tight fitting feeling, tight and securePrevention of dropout of almighty typeStable effect with wrinklingWith plenty of jellyRubber odor ..
Ex Tax:140.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 6405-56
"Michiko London Koshino Street 12 pieces (Condom)" was blended with 400 mg of pleasant moisture jelly and cut the smell of anxious mind. Flare type easy to install. Management medical equipment.Color: GreenMaterial: Natural rubber latex..
Ex Tax:81.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 907-56
Water-soluble lubricants are manufactured by manufacturing patents obtained Carrageenan. This material extracted from red algae in, to give you a better feeling...
Ex Tax:80.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 6741-56
Prevention of dropout of almighty typeStable effect with mini-wrinkle and double chain machiningWith jellyMaterial: Natural rubber latexColor: GreenSize (approx): 138 x 26 x 75 mmQuantity: 12 pieces..
Ex Tax:110.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 6742-56
Preventing dropout of almighty typeStable effect with mini-wrinkle and Ivy roll processingWith jelly12 piecesSoft color: Green · PinkNatural leafBox size W 138 mm × D 26 mm × H 75 mmMaterial Natural latex1 box Weight 38 g..
Ex Tax:110.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 1780-56
Your favorite novelty at night "shocked" "Triple shock" condom surface 494 bump, 14 three-dimensional stripes. Coupled with Mint and Menthol lubricant. The maximum intensity of the stimulus, Fuji brand recommend to you.Coolmenthol jellyLow protein rubber odor cutSoft color: BlueWidth 52mm (+/- 2mm)P..
Ex Tax:130.00HK$
Brand: Fuji Latex Model: 908-56
As thin products "not twenty O" series in the latest one, in addition to be the best product among the thinnest, but made into a sexy black. Thinness 0.03mm (Fuji Latex Measurement) ultra-thin shape of latex condoms. Hexagonal design style, but also show a sense of high quality.Black color0.03mm of ..
Ex Tax:130.00HK$
Brand: Glyde Vegan Model: 1021-56
Vegetarian attitude is not only limited to a vegetarian diet, but also includes in everyday life do not harm animals. Gelei Di condoms at no added manufacturing casein, nor the use of animals for experiments.Patented dual immersion technique (double-dipping) so that only a thin condoms more addition..
Ex Tax:100.00HK$
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