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Inflatable Dolls

Model: 6901-56
Pillow cover that further enhances immersion.Material is made of domestic fabric 2WAY tricot in length 500 mm × width 340 mm.The pillow body is not included.Exterior weight: 110 gExterior size: H 210 × W 180 × D 10 mmProduct weight: 90 g..
$310.00 Ex Tax:$310.00
Model: 6900-56
2 Way Tricot is a stretchy material with a good touch feeling pillowcase "2.5 Dimension Connect Pillow Cover vol.3 Kihime"!With the cover sticking to the sense of size, we investigate how to cover the pillow cover when you put it on, and how it deflects, and you can enjoy the waist Furiona without h..
$310.00 Ex Tax:$310.00
Model: 3039-56
Impossible fourth installment of the explosive sales were recorded update "LOVE BODY" series! In Dutch became the release of long-awaited through the time from the previous work of Lisa of one year and three months. This fall! From Lisa in the lower abdomen plus the inherited further improve the gre..
$422.00 Ex Tax:$422.00
Model: 1933-56
Ultimate body and appearance that further evolved LOVE BODY up to now further upgrade version!Aki's innovative body under development!Transform from a big boobs line to orthodox style!There is no waste body that you can enjoy both normal and back.More real, thank you for your attachment so that you ..
$422.00 Ex Tax:$422.00
Model: 8186-56
Sorrowful feeling of embracing body temperature (warmth) into transparent Coco.Since it was measured from "Love Body Coco" it fits just right and takes care of Coco's body line beautifully.There is also a hole for the hole, do not destroy the original use feeling of the love body.Smooth mounting met..
$370.00 Ex Tax:$370.00
Model: 6037-56
Next-generation center candidate's "chick" newly joined!The next dollar is a pose of a stationary valve fuck that can pierce while hugging!Hikoko who clings to your body has a Velcro in its palm, so if you stick it will not you leave?Of course it is fully compatible with Chikaku Hiyoko Air Doll ! Le..
$391.00 Ex Tax:$391.00
Model: 4086-56
A horny idol nurtured to be fucked, the birth of the "Doll Doll"!It was reproduced based on the average three sizes of idol,Life-size large super beauty horny (seal) printThe definitive version of Moe's animation series Dutch!T145 cm B 75 cm W 57 cm H 82 cm..
$390.00 Ex Tax:$390.00
Model: 4087-56
A new member appeared in the "Dolls Dollar" which was trained to be fucked"Naco" who is good at woman on top posture and is a little spoiled, newly joinedA girl sitting pose, the style best suited for woman and doggy positionIdeal for playing with honor ballsSize:B: 75 cmW: 58 cmH: 92 cm..
$390.00 Ex Tax:$390.00
Model: 5241-56
The fourth popular dollar series! Born in southern country Ryukyu girl "Pine" joins the new! The next dollar is a pose that provokes in a quadruped position, back style that pierces from behind. Realistic waist and hip line that makes you want to suck up unexpectedly will make your delusion and groi..
$391.00 Ex Tax:$391.00
Model: 5242-56
Milky child born in Hakata, "Urala" is a new member.M-sharp open leg pose that is cramped with shame is adorable"Urala" is a perfect form for the normal positionIt feels good for playing with honor holes.Because it is a life-sized size, cosplay is also perfect.Delusion UP with your favorite costumeI..
$391.00 Ex Tax:$391.00
Model: 3040-56
Beyond the limits ... Further expansion in the sitting body! Finally realize a beautiful line! Ideal M letter! It is!Both legs stood by inner legs are exactly the ideal angle at M time!Because the chest and knee are tightly close, smooth insertion is possibleCorresponds to the normal position, woman..
$422.00 Ex Tax:$422.00
Model: 1456-56
Hooray! Sex with Onaho!It is a versatile fixing pillow that can easily set up to the largest class of medium-sized onhaul (up to that onaho! Exceeding 500 g!).Easy & low price & all-purpose 3 combo is extremely popular anyway!Size: Total length of about 325 mm Diameter of about 150 mm..
$291.00 Ex Tax:$291.00
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