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Toy Controllers

Toy Controllers
Brand: A-One Model: 1932-56
There is an outlet electric air pump enters easily with one switch! Large bodies such as large air dutches, please join it with products that are hard to put in air. You can use it with general floating rings and beach mats.You can adjust the mouth size with the attached attachment nozzle, it is 2 W..
Ex Tax:122.00HK$
Brand: F-Machine Model: 6174-56
For the lady who simply cannot get enough of her machine, double trouble allows the user to install her two favourite vac-u-lock toys at once, for simultaneous pussy and ass penetration. Crafted from anodised 6061 CNC machined aircraft alloy Designed to fit F-Machine 10 mm thrust rod. Also fits 12...
Ex Tax:452.00HK$
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 3982-56
Offering yet another way to enjoy the ultimate male masturbator, Fleshlight's Shower Mount is a perfectly positionable, extremely user friendly suction based arm that affixes your favorite Fleshlight securely to almost any smooth, flat surface.The Shower Mount sets up in literal seconds, simply unsc..
Ex Tax:300.00HK$
Brand: Genmu Model: 7625-56
Dream GENMU masturbation cup dedicated vacuum artifact Oral Air powerful vacuum suction cup special accessoriesCan be used with GENMU TOUCH series and Gs POT series, buy one cup for your 3 wishesPowerful Vacuum Suction Cup With a powerful motor, it effectively controls the air vents at the top of th..
Ex Tax:90.00HK$
Brand: Rends Model: 1670-56
R-1 high-performance controller is responsible for electrical products in the essential power and control panel, you can enjoy huge energy brought about by the controller attachment.Each accessory (sold separately) are omitted simple structure controller, thus reducing development costs and developm..
Ex Tax:242.00HK$
Brand: STD Model: 4164-56
For penetration you can really wrap your fingers around, get a good grip on the Knuckle Punch Adapter. Specifically designed to give you command and control for the ultimate in stylish pleasure with its brass knuckle style design and Vac-U-Lock end. Pair with any compatible Vac-U-Lock Dildo and give..
Ex Tax:150.00HK$
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