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Strap-Ons with Double Dildo

Model: 7770-56
Shame and crown intersect each other.It's sensual and deep, SM goods series that you can enjoy absolute obedience hard play.A new lineup appeared from "training".Digging a hole called a hole with two dildos.Dildo mounting part made of soft faux leather.Can be used without burdening.Can be mounted de..
$350.00 Ex Tax:$350.00
Model: 2403-56
It is a surprise because this strapon, French craftworkers are making by hand one by one.Even if I look for it with dildos or vibrations, I think that I can probably not find the real thing even if I look for it.Of course it is not only the shape but also the first-class items for playing.It can be ..
$770.00 Ex Tax:$770.00
Model: 4157-56
This premium strap-on sex system has a non-slip construction that assures perfect movement with your body. Fully adjustable straps for the most perfect fit. Contains: Harness with Penis, vaginal, and anal attachments. Three way fully adjustable all leather premium harness for a perfect fit. Comes wi..
$782.00 Ex Tax:$782.00
Model: 3316-56
Double your pleasure and double the fun because two is always better than one!The Fetish Fantasy Series 6″ Double Penetrator Vibrating Hollow Strap-On provides the thrill of double penetration without having to involve another partner.This hollow dong is just what you need to ensure that performance..
$470.00 Ex Tax:$470.00
Model: 8769-56
Whether you are pegging, engaging in female-female sex, or finding your own uses for strap-on play, this set allows the top and the bottom to experience both pleasure and comfort! Two dildos are included, a narrow shaft and a thicker shaft, ensuring that penetration is delivered at a relaxed pace. T..
$570.00 Ex Tax:$570.00
Model: 8783-56
Both partners can experience the pleasure of penetration with this innovative strap on harness set. Perfect for two women or pegging, the smaller dildo slips easily and comfortably into the wearer while a small nub stimulates her clit. The larger dildo is slim and sleek for comfortable anal or vagin..
$600.00 Ex Tax:$600.00
Model: 8786-56
This double sided strap on dildo lets you and your partner enjoy mutual pleasure in a sleek, slick design. The phallic outer dildo is made of smooth, gleaming PVC, made to glide in and out easily. The inner dildo is demurely sized, but expertly curved, designed for G-spot stimulation, with an additi..
$620.00 Ex Tax:$620.00
Model: 8773-56
Peg your partner while you also experience the pleasure of penetration! This vibrating double dong is already harnessed into sturdy leather-like straps that are easily adjusted to your perfect fit via 2 buckles. Both dildos are realistically textured for the dual appreciation of both you and your pa..
$740.00 Ex Tax:$740.00
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