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Model: 7760-56
A shame of a new sensation, different from a ball gag. We have arrived from "A-ONE" with "small trunk penis - shorter penis -" which blocks the mouth with a small dildo. It deprives mouth freedom with a short penis, it is a shame and shame SM item.The body is a fake leather material with atmosphere...
$170.00 Ex Tax:$170.00
Model: 5119-56
Explore your wildest desires and fantasies with the erotic “Original” Accommodator Latex Dong. The “original” oral sex stimulator is designed to deliver intense orgasmic pleasure, for you and your lover. The easy to use, versatile dong extends the ecstasy possibilities by providing hands-free stimul..
$500.00 Ex Tax:$500.00
Model: 8633-56
Get a real face-full with this stretchy, all-latex strap on toy! Designed to fit over the face, you can wear it over the mouth as a gag for some exciting BDSM play, or on the chin which leaves your tongue free to pleasure your partner as you penetrate them. The rigid black dong is nice and stiff, wi..
$600.00 Ex Tax:$600.00
Model: 8629-56
Get up close and personal with the Face Fuk from the Master Series. This stretchy, all-latex strap on is designed to fit over the mouth or chin. You or your plaything can use it as a gag, or wear it on the chin which leaves the tongue free to roam as the dildo penetrates. The rigid black dildo is ni..
$310.00 Ex Tax:$310.00
Model: 8625-56
This erotically shaped gag features a penis mouth piece with semi realistic texture detailing. Made of premium silicone, the Suppressor is non-porous and hypo allergenic. The adjustable silicone straps are attached to the gag by two metal O-rings. Use the optional locking feature by adding your own ..
$410.00 Ex Tax:$410.00
Model: 8808-56
Create a customized sensory experience for your plaything! How much will you deprive them of? This hood has padded ears to take away your partners ability to hear, so that they will not be able to hear the swish of the flogger or the flick of the crop before you hit them. While there are three holes..
$710.00 Ex Tax:$710.00
Model: 8810-56
Plug up that pie hole with a silicone cock, strapping it to your playthings face. This comfortably padded gag will shut them up while you have your way with their body. Delight in the suppressed gasps and muffled whimpers of your lover, with their mouth full of dick! The adjustable strap allows you ..
$380.00 Ex Tax:$380.00
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