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Sex Position Aids

Model: 4454-56
Excited by shamisen restraint that forcibly exposes the genital areaEverywhere easy M character restraint play! Impersonated shyness with compulsive M shaped legs,You can enjoy playing abusing unprotected local areas.Use fabrics that are gentle to the skin and can be used with confidence!You can enj..
$380.00 Ex Tax:$380.00
Model: 4443-56
Best for experiencing new style!Comfortable and sturdy! Use this door bondage support to limit the movement of your pet.The belt is covered with soft materials to make sure it won't hurt your skin...
$430.00 Ex Tax:$430.00
Model: 3433-56
Anywhere easy bed restraint play! Easy bed restraint!Passing the belt from under the bed, you can enjoy bed restraint by putting hand / fetters on the partner.Because the fixed part is a soft urethane material, it is too tender, too painful and reduces scratch residueYou can enjoy binding play easil..
$280.00 Ex Tax:$280.00
Model: 3294-56
Depravity. Pleasant being restrained and spreading A new type of restraint item "EL lock e Rock" which is excited by the restraint which is different from usual. In this just like wearing a restraint like a backpack, a male wears a woman 's legs, and if you fix the partner, you can enjoy station - p..
$370.00 Ex Tax:$370.00
Model: 2674-56
Stay Close with this luxurious Realistic Suede padded blow job helper, wrapping around the back of the giver’s head to keep their wet mouth as close as the receiver desires. The easy-grip Realistic Leather handholds allow your lover to pull you closer for a mind-blowing experience that will have you..
$130.00 Ex Tax:$130.00
Model: 2641-56
For perfectly positioned pleasure, the Black & Blue G-spot handle helps ensure your lover will hit your “Right There” spot again and again. Buckle up for an intense ride, all while holding your legs aloft comfortably in the adjustable Realistic Leather ankle/calf support cuffs which feature a soft R..
$140.00 Ex Tax:$140.00
Model: 3292-56
Gone are the days of legs high in the air, straining to keep them up until you are finished. With this ultra-sturdy sex support sling, you can explore a variety of sexual positions, comfortably! Simply slip the neck piece behind your head and position so that the straps are even at the bottom, then ..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Model: 3291-56
The durable design features a cushioned neck supporting pillow and leg straps. The design helps with leg cramping, as well as back support and helps with G-spot positioning. Have a taste for a little bondage. This exciting system has two D-rings attached to the pillow, so you can add your own wrist ..
$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00
Model: 8669-56
Now you can take sex play to a new level, anytime, anywhere! This premium sex sling provides comfort as well as security. With its padded seat, foot stirrups, and easy-grip handles for your hands to hold on to, you are sure to enjoy the comfort and flexibility this sling offers. Almost any doorway b..
$580.00 Ex Tax:$580.00
Model: 8671-56
Allow your body to be a playground in the most carnal ways. Tipping The Velvet by Frisky is a Vaginal Splay that allows full and complete access to your naughty bits. The neoprene straps secure around the thighs while the labia are placed under the cushioned parts of the straps leaving the wearer de..
$220.00 Ex Tax:$220.00
Model: 1455-56
Enjoy the heat of the moment, the lust and the desire while being restrained with these luxury closet cuffs. They're ultra comfortable and sexy — suitable for use over any door, may it be your closet or otherwise. The Closet Cuffs are absolutely perfect for couples who just want to experience light ..
$282.00 Ex Tax:$282.00
Model: 3590-56
Transform your bed into a passion playground and let the games begin! These under mattress bed bindings open a world of possibilities for you and your lover. Experience the thrill of bondage and take turns role-playing”one minute youre in control, the next, youre at the mercy of your lover! The dura..
$390.00 Ex Tax:$390.00
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