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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 9951-56
Adriana Chechik always takes her scenes to the 'Next Level' and her butt Fleshlight is no different. Known around the world for her ability to take it in the butt with great finesse we created a sensation that completely envelops your shaft with an entire vortex of hyper-realistic anal sex pleasure...
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 13305-56
You’ve been waiting for the release of Signature sensations for the Fleshlight Girl range forever. Well now Fleshlight delivering on those requests and extremely excited to release the Angela White Indulge Signature direct to you.Canal Diameter: 1/2 inch (1.3 cm)Length: 10 inches (25.4 cm)Diameter: ..
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Fleshlight - Brandi Love Heartthrob Masturbator Fleshlight - Brandi Love Heartthrob Masturbator
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 9945-56
Brandi Love's Heartthrob offers the incredible realistic sensation of having sex with the world’s hottest MILF. Gentle yet in control of your cock, this textura is known to cause full body orgasms like you may have never felt before.As her porno career continues to soar to even greater heights, Bran..
$948.00 Ex Tax:$948.00
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 9946-56
Be the first to go where no man has gone before, Brandi Love's butt! Be one of only a few lucky guys to experience realistic anal sex with this hardbodied mother of all MILFs as you pound her Shameless Fleshlight. Butt sex has never been more gratifying than with this anal virgin.As her porno career..
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 13939-56
Fleshlube Fire represents a break-thru in warming lubricant technology. Unlike many of its counterparts and predecessors, Fleshlube Fire is usable with Fleshlight products or with a partner, without any additional lubricant necessary! Made from the highest quality medical grade ingredients this lubr..
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 13298-56
Fleshlube Slide is a lubricant that has been specially formulated for anal sex and is gentle on sensitive skin. Improve the duration of your intimate moments with this thicker and more durable lubricating gel. Fleshlube Slide is usable with Fleshlight products or with a partner, without any addition..
$228.00 Ex Tax:$228.00
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 9949-56
Fleshlube Water is designed to provide an optimum soft and moist sensation, enhancing your moments of pleasure, thus being the perfect complement for your Fleshlight. Thanks to its water based formula and top quality ingredients it has a unique natural and silk like texture and its easy to apply and..
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Fleshlight - Fleshlube Water - 30 ml Fleshlight - Fleshlube Water - 30 ml
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 9481-56
Premium water-based Fleshlube Water lubricant is the perfect complement to your sexual activities, whether it’s with your Fleshlight or a partner (or both!). Fleshlube Water is made from the highest quality medical grade ingredients and provides a silky smooth experience that enhances sexual pleasur..
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 13309-56
To enhance your sex life, you need improved performance, pleasure and power. The FleshPump uses an automatic vacuum system to gently, safely and gradually draw blood into the shaft of the penis, causing it to swell and become erect. The FleshPump is operated with two simple buttons to pump and relea..
$1,298.00 Ex Tax:$1,298.00
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 13306-56
Slide into this back door option and you’ll find that it has something extra to offer. Hanging proudly are a pair of soft, yet firm testicles to feed your fantasies. Made from the same material Fleshlight is famous for, these balls will rock in motion as you thrust in and out with every stroke. Like..
$948.00 Ex Tax:$948.00
Brand: Fleshlight Model: 11735-56
Great Fleshlight quality, lower price. When your standard Fleshlight toys aren't an option, FleshSkins is the perfect alternative. Our first sleeve-only toy will be sure to blow you away – literally! You control the tightness and intensity of your masturbation experience with the stroke of your (or ..
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Brand: Fleshlight Model: 11230-56
The Flight is sleek, compact, aerodynamically designed and discreet. Perfect for travel and storage. Soar to new heights with the sleek and aerodynamically designed clear Flight Aviator from Fleshlight.Like all of Fleshlight best-selling products, the Flight features body-safe materials that were bu..
$688.00 Ex Tax:$688.00
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