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Zorbo - Mini Faux Fur Flogger Polished Leather 18″

Black red whip for SM practices from high-quality leather with straps. This whip has a very versatile use, ranging from a gentle snarling to a hard beating.

24 black suede details and 12 fluffy red tails
For easy hitting, stroking or pampering
Total length without strap: approx. 45.7 cm, handle length approx. 15.5 cm
Part number ZORBA-XA131
Length, cm 45.7
Color Red
Brand Zorbo Bondage
Novelty 13.02.2018
Barcode ZORBA-XA131
Orders count 1
Wishlist count 4
Sort orders count 1
Price with discount 298
Offline orders count 2
Min price 298
Discount 0

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