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You can choose any payment method you like:
  • Paypal (most fastest way. You can pay within a minute if you have already PayPal account.)
  • Credit Cards (this method is usual and safe. We will not even know your credit card details because payment gateway keeps those details enciphered. Is not available for Macau at the current time.)
  • ATM/Bank Transfer (HSBC, Bank of China). This payment method is convenient if you get used to pay via ATM near you or online banking on your computer or mobile. Or you can transfer money thru bank counter in one of banks mentioned on our website even if you have no bank account. Send us payment confirmation photo after payment and we will send you order ASAP. )
  • Cryptocurrency (most anonymity and confidentiality way. You can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum ets. ) 
  • TNG (e-Wallet) (this payment method is quick and easy. After making order just scan QR-code using TNG-app on your smartphone. You need register TNG account here before.)
  • Cash (this method is available only for picking up from one of our stores and MTR Collection. Also it's available in Macau.)
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