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Ria realistic doll 156cm

Ria realistic doll 156cm
A sample of similar doll is in our store. You can check joint mobility, material structure and quality and other things before order this model.

Shoulder breadth:31cm
BWH Bust:70cm
BWH Waist:52cm
BWH Hips:75cm

Length of legs:73cm

Length of vagina:19cm
Length of proctodaeum(ass):17cm
The channel length for oral sex:9cm

Net Weight:26KG
Gross Weight:32KG

Size of Packing Cartons:145*45*35cm


Dolls are packed in solid plain paper cartons, wraped by stretch film, it will perfectly protect the buyer's privacy and well protect the products.

Accessories:Clothes, Wig, Blanket, Cleaner, Brush, Gloves, USB Heating Stick.

Please, select the doll options and inform us by email

Period of manufacturing and delivery to Hong Kong is 8 days.
Period of manufacturing and delivery to other countries outside Hong Kong is 13-15 days.

Hong Kong delivery is free.
Delivery cost for other countries will be calculated for your order specially.

Hair style


Foot style

Part number DSY-008
Length, cm 156
Color Skin
Material TPE
Brand Aimec (CYD)
Country China
  • Stock: 99
  • Brand: Aimec (CYD)
  • Model: 8220-56
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • SKU: 451319
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