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Discover our collection of medium size masturbators that are more satisfying and thrilling than ever before. Ribbed in all the right places, from popular porn star onaholes, deep throat blow jobs to stamina training units, there's a match for anyone's taste.
Get started and check out these reputable brands: Fleshlight, KMProduce, ToysHeart, Kokos.
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Toys Heart R-20 Third Generation Masturbator

Kokos Cleo Vagina - Masturbator

ToysHeart 17 Bordeaux Soft Masturbator

Kokos Cleo Anal - Mini Butt Masturbator

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Kokos Elegance Series 006 - Double Layer Masturbator

Ondo NUPU2 Double Side Masturbator Mouth and Pussy

ToysHeart Blow Job Under Table Masturbator

Kokos Sally - Mini Butt Masturbator

ToysHeart A Taciturn Girl Masturbator

ToysHeart G-19 Secret Uterus - Masturbator

Kokos Angel 2 - Double Layer Mini Butt Masturbator

ToysHeart Tight Innocent Pussy Masturbator Hard Edition

Kokos Elegance Series 003 - Double Layer Masturbator

ToysHeart Taciturn Girl Big Masturbator

Magic Eyes Mouth Figure La Bocca Della Verita Masturbator

Surprise Sex Box For Couples Deluxe

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex - Black

Kokos Adarashi 2 - Double Layer Mini Butt Masturbator

Kokos Elegance Series 005 - Double Layer Masturbator

Magic Eyes Suziman Perfect Lower M Masturbator

EXE Yuka Tachibana Love & Peach Hole

Kokos Three Sisters Virgin - Hand Masturbator

Kokos Cherry - Real Butt Masturbator

ToysHeart Real Deep Throat Masturbator

A-One Onaho Festival Masturbator

Kokos Three Sisters Lady - Hand Masturbator

Magic Eyes Mouth Of The Truth Masturbator

EXE Layers Nishikawa Yui